TransVault Creates Compliance TimeMachine for Email Records Moved into Office 365

TransVault Creates Compliance TimeMachine for Email Records Moved into Office 365

Leading migration author, and partner, TransVault offer legacy email journal protection as enterprises switch from on-premise archives into Microsoft’s Office 365.

Our partners in email archive migrationTransVault, have announced a route for enterprises to transition legacy journal archives into the new compliance and eDiscovery model introduced with Microsoft’s cloud. This means any client concerned with compliance can now safely move their email archives into Office365.

The ability to meet regulatory compliance and eDiscovery requirements is firmly on the agenda for Office 365 which, along with the ability to put all items sent and received on indefinite Litigation and In-Place Hold, has recently been enhanced to capture information on who has been BCCd on an email or included in a distribution list.  This small feature change provides a vital component of a legally-compliant email archive and may encourage enterprises that currently hold a separate compliance ‘journal’ to move all their email records into Office 365. An email journal constitutes an immutable record of all emails to and from a given domain, vital for regulatory compliance and litigation proceedings.

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Barney Haye, CEO at TransVault, a provider of software used in over 900 email archive migration projects, describes the extraordinary potential of this relatively small change that’s completely invisible to users.  “Although lots of companies are already moving their production messaging systems to Office 365, those that have regulatory or corporate governance requirements have faced the additional costs of maintaining a separate journal of emails in order to retain a compliant archive, either on their own premises or a separate cloud service.”

Continued Haye, “What enterprises want to do is to carry out discovery in a single location.  This includes searching the many billions of historic emails they have previously stored in journal archives from vendors such as Symantec, EMC and HP/Autonomy.  Precipitated by an increasing desire for customers to move journal archives into Office 365, we are working with a large, well-known Microsoft customer to develop the TransVault Compliance TimeMachine.  As well as maintaining complete chain-of-custody, the TransVault Compliance TimeMachine is designed to migrate legacy journal archives in such a way that all the relevant BCC’d and distribution list information is mapped into the new Office 365 format.  It’s as though you’ve gone back in time and sent all the old journal emails again, as though you’d been using Office 365 for archiving for the whole life of your journal!”

A migration with the Compliance TimeMachine reduces ongoing retention and eDiscovery costs, significantly simplifies searches and will enable enterprises to take advantage of forthcoming enhancements in Microsoft’s eDiscovery capability within Office 365.

The TransVault Compliance TimeMachine will reach 88 miles per hour in 2015! Please contact TransVault if you require more information in the meantime.

About TransVault Software

TransVault specializes in high volume, multi-vendor data migration solutions designed to preserve accessibility to an organization’s business records while ensuring chain-of-custody, information retention and discovery compliance.

Customers rely on TransVault to insulate their valuable data from business change (such as mergers and acquisitions), as well as technological change such as new service strategies (such as hosted archiving), media obsolescence and solution end-of-life.

Its flagship solution, TransVault Migrator, migrates email records into and between myriad platforms including Symantec Enterprise Vault, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and many other cloud platforms.

Other platforms include EMC EmailXtender and EMC SourceOne, HP RISS and IAP, Autonomy ZANTAZ EAS, Mimosa and Message Manager, OpenText IXOS-eCONserver, Quest Archive Manager, Metalogix Archive Manager, iLumin Assentor.  It also supports migrations between Notes and Exchange archives, converting email formats as part of the process.  Additional archive platform support is being added all the time.

TransVault solutions are available through an international network of accredited partners, who uniquely for this application space provide services with engineers qualified to the TransVault Migration Specialist certification level.

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