spot an email outage before anyone else does

How our support desk spots an email outage before anyone else does

David Kellett, Technical Support Manager at Essential Computing
As soon as you start using the cloud, control is taken out of your hands to some degree:  If there’s an outage, the only thing you can do is sit and wait for it to be fixed.  But to use the old idiom, being forewarned is being forearmed.
We use our Mailscape dashboard all the time to monitor the health of Exchange and the other Microsoft services we use in-house, but knowing what’s happening outside our network has been really useful - especially on occasions when our Mimecast hosted email service has gone down.  
As well as flashing a red light on our console, we get an email when Mailscape detects that external mailflow is slow or has stopped.
It’s true that we can’t actually change the situation, but when it happened again last week (12th Jan) we were able to let everyone in the office know - long before either Mimecast informed us or anyone in the office noticed.    
It basically means if the sales team need to get an urgent proposal out, or the support team needs to get more information on a ticket, we can revert to the ‘phone or at least set expectations accordingly. 


Start monitoring & reporting your cloudy world.

On the subject of ensuring a great end user experience, we are getting excited about the new Remote Probes capabilities in Mailscape V7.2.

For example there's a Remote Probe that basically performs the same operations that Outlook clients do and relays the results back to base. 

This is proving to be a handy way of testing out how well our email service is performing for remote staff (rather than taking their word for it!).

There's also Remote Probes that will be of interest to our hybrid customers who want to test specific Exchange/Office 365 functionality such as checking the Autodiscover process or checking for authentication issues with ADFS from remote locations.

Existing Mailscape customers will receive update information shortly from our support team.