Compliance Business to Microsoft Office 365

Migration Expert Drives Cloud Compliance Business to Microsoft Office 365

TransVault Migrator V8.0 makes cloud-hopping easy for customers wanting to eliminate the overheads of using third-party cloud services.

Our partner TransVault recently announced the capability to migrate compliance journals from virtually any platform. The following paragraphs are an excerpt from their press release

TransVault, the industry leader in email archive migration solutions, announced its 8.0 release of TransVault Migrator, which comes with several innovations that ease the process of archive migration. However, most noteworthy aspect of the release is the ability to move the copy of all emails that organisations keep to meet regulatory compliance needs – otherwise known as an email journal. Migrator 8.0 can convert journals from different sources, including third-party Cloud services, into Microsoft Office 365’s new format.

Having done some recent research into the need for universal compliance across varying email archiving platforms, I am delighted to say that TransVault seem to have solved at least part of the ongoing issue with this new release. If companies now have a route they can take to get their various journal data from A to B in a proven and audited fashion, then they are better equipped to unlock the full benefits that cloud archiving and eDiscovery have to offer.

Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research, Inc.

With Microsoft now able to deliver a One-Stop-Shop for email compliance, migrating your legacy compliance journals requires a process that maintains complete integrity and preserves full audit and eDiscovery control.

What this means to you and moving to Office 365

Essential has already used TransVault's journal migration capability to move on-prem journal archives into Office 365, saving significant costs associated with maintaining legacy archives and having to perform eDiscovery in multiple places....

Now, we can migrate journals from cloud services - such as Mimecast and Proofpoint - into Office 365 - again saving a lot of expense.

Using TransVault we can ensure your journals are correctly and reliably mapped into the new (and very different) Office 365 model, using state-of-the-art techniques to deliver the fastest ingestion rates and with minimal network impact.

The following webinar-on-demand explains the key differences between 'traditional' journaling and the new Office 365 equivalent, and how, using TransVault, you can map one into the other.

To find out more about the options available for moving your journals, contact Essential today.

Make Office 365 your one stop for your compliance needs

Discover how Essential can help you with migrating legacy compliance journals for your move to Office 365.
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