Form, processes & workflow automation within Outlook

Unparalleled form & workflow handling for your organisation.

The future of forms & workflow management for the enterprise

Employee induction processes, holiday requests, expense forms, expenditure approvals, application form processing…

Whether you’re currently working with paper or electronic documents, your organisation will have many examples of business processes that can benefit from the addition of automation and intelligent routing.

Essential provides you with a practical solution for automating your forms, processes & workflow by leveraging your investment in Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Office 365 - FORMVERSE

With FORMVERSE staff can access and complete any form right from their email. XML-based forms can then be routed using email throughout the company - and externally - for action (such as completion, approvals, denials, deferrals, recommendations, etc.), based on your business rules.

FORMVERSE is the only solution specifically designed to build on your existing Microsoft email environment in order to streamline, automate and track your business processes, offering the following benefits:

  • readily incorporated into existing working practices
  • tangibly improves staff acceptance and
  • fast return on your investment
  • reliable capture of all transactions

All form data and other metadata is automatically stored in SQL, providing a separate business record and enabling easy integration with other enterprise databases and applications such as SharePoint and ERP.

Simple steps to Automating your Workflows

FORMVERSE transforms your Exchange, Office 365, Outlook and OWA email environment into a powerful application engine. Once you’ve identified what you want to automate, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Create Your Forms
Use Microsoft InfoPath to design your required forms.

These can be used in Outlook, OWA, web pages, mobile devices, and so on.

Add whatever logos and styling you want!

2. Define Your Workflow
Use FORMVERSE to define policies that determine how your forms are handled, including dispatching rules (i.e, which forms to send to a recipient) and processing rules. A visual design tool lets you define even the most complex business processes in your enterprise in an intuitive way.

3. Roll out to End Users
A small Outlook add-on provides end users with transparent access to your workflow system:

  • End users embed their required form at the point they create an email, and send it to the first recipient ‘in the chain’.
  • Recipients simply complete forms or carry out any actions to be taken (e.g. ‘Approve, decline, confirm, I have read and understood’) – all from within Outlook.

At each stage FORMVERSE automatically progresses the form and captures the relevant data: all without the need for users to understand the ‘behind-the-scenes’ workflow.

4. Track Workflow Activity
Once a process is complete, specified individuals can be notified and/or cc’d and at any point users involved in a workflow can check progress and see a workflow history. Administrators can also access reporting to determine the status of every workflow initiated.

FORMVERSE delivers powerful features to workflow management within Outlook

Enterprise workflow in email

With FORMVERSE, you can now build highly-functional forms that automate workflow in nearly all corporate departments. After implementation, all that’s needed to increase your employee productivity is your existing Outlook email.

Easy to Use

Your staff spends between 1/2 and 2/3 of the day in email. With FORMVERSE you allow them to work within the system they already know how to use, requiring no training and resulting in high adoption and success. 

Fast to deploy

Installation, training, and building forms & workflow can be implemented in days, not months or years using FORMVERSE. And, the adoption rate is high, since your staff already knows how to use email.

Single UI to enterprise application

Your staff can now use their Outlook email as the front-end interface to capture data that feeds into any enterprise application, such as CRMs, ERPs, HRIS, even SharePoint, Access, Excel or a web-based form on your web site.

Cost Effective

There is no per-seat license with FORMVERSE. Whether you have 500 or 500,000 Outlook users, pricing is based on the number of workflow templates implemented, not the number of users. 

Real-time Reporting

Your staff can stay on top of all open and closed workflow right within a new email message. Reports are easily customisable.


Forms & workflow automation from anywhere

With FORMVERSE, your staff will be able to access and complete forms, take action on existing forms, and run real-time queries right within their existing Outlook email. For staff on-the-go, this same functionality is available to them on any authorised mobile device, tablet, phone, OWA, even Macs and Linux devices. Regardless of where the action takes place. All data is automatically stored in the FORMVERSE database and routed according to your specific rules. 

Formverse & Integration

All data from forms are automatically stored in an SQL database. Once there, data can be passed to your other enterprise applications including ERPs, CRMs, HRIS, even Excel, SharePoint, and Access using the optional Formverse PASSPORT Data Exchange module. 


Revolutionary, Policy-Driven Email Technology with the IT Pro at heart

Each FORMVERSE email is designed to meet the requirements of the recipient and to ensure that vital data and information important to the recipient will be processed and actioned appropriately and in a timely manner.

Transparent to End Users

Emails containing FORMVERSE electronic forms look and feel like regular Outlook and OWA emails, and can be managed and archived along with your other business correspondence.

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Flexible, Tailorable

FORMVERSE enables email-based workflows to be designed to meet the requirements of the recipient and to ensure that vital data and information important to the recipient will be processed and actioned appropriately and in a timely manner.

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Managed Access to Forms

FORMVERSE administrators can define specific rules regarding which users have access to which forms.  Once defined, authorised users can start a process by simply choosing an email-based form from a drop down menu within Outlook or OWA.

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Adds Structure & Intelligent Routing to Email

FORMVERSE  embeds XML-based forms into standard Outlook and OWA emails, enabling data to be collected in a structured manner.   Added to this are  pre-defined processing rules and workflow that govern how emails are routed and what actions and routing decisions need to take place at each point on ‘the journey’.

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Advanced Processing Rules

FORMVERSE administrators can define specific rules for the processing of FORMVERSE structured emails to ensure that the emails are routed to the appropriate person next in line in the process until the entire process is complete.  Processing rules also determine if and when data contained within a FORMVERSE email needs to be extracted and where the extracted data should be placed (e.g. an enterprise application or database).

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Visual Workflow Design

FORMVERSE can execute business workflows against pre-defined access and processing rules.

Business workflows are designed with FORMVERSE Workflow Editor, an intuitive and user-friendly graphical editor. Visual workflow diagrams provide a straightforward way to review, understand and simplify even the most complex business processes.

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