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By using your enterprise email system as the basis of your process automation, you are able to introduce a solution that:

is easily understood & readily used by all participants

offers an intuitive platform for workflow, and

can be deployed in a fraction of the time and cost of using over-complex Business Process Automation applications.

With FORMVERSE process participants never have to leave Outlook to participate in their portion of the process.

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The FormVerse difference - a solution that automates your enterprise forms & workflow

Process automation in email

FormVerse’s solution to this challenge is to leverage the organization’s current email communications infrastructure (Microsoft Exchange/Outlook) and automate manual business processes within Outlook, an application in which users already spend nearly half their day and are completely familiar with the user interface.

Fast implementation and cost savings

With the FormVerse solution, manual business processes can be quickly and easily automated within an environment (Microsoft Outlook) that is already well known and used by all participants, in a fraction of the time, and at a fraction of the cost of using legacy BPA/BPM systems. By automating these manual processes, the company will achieve significant time and cost savings through greater efficiencies, as well as more timely and accurate results.

Leverage Microsoft Outlook infrastructure

Process participants never have to leave Outlook to participate in their portion of the process. Any data collected through the processes can be easily extracted and integrated with existing ERP/CRM applications and enterprise databases.

Active Structured Email™

FormVerse's patented Active Structured Email™ technology adds structured forms and workflow capabilities to Outlook, transforming  email from an informal, unstructured medium to a highly structured one, and enabling you to leverage email as an agile and ubiquitous workflow tool.

Build your enterprise processes around forms & workflow automation


FORMVERSE is an software application that is installed at your site or hosted by FORMVERSE (through a Tier 1 Cloud provider) that leverages your existing investment in Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, and SQL Server technologies. FORMVERSE enables your staff to access and complete any form right from their email, route those forms throughout the organization for action (such as approvals, denials, deferrals, recommendations, etc.), based on your specific business rules. Then capture all of that data which is then stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database that you control.

This data may then be integrated into and out of your other Enterprise applications such as ERP’s, CRM’s, HRIS, SharePoint, or really any database application.