Enterprise-grade meeting room booking solution

Streamline how meeting rooms & other services get booked.

Enterprise level meeting room scheduling solution straight from Outlooks and build around your Office 365 & Exchange infrastructure.

Features that make the difference

All through Outlook

Familiar user interface by using standard Outlook and Teams calendaring functionality to schedule meeting rooms.

Schedule meetings anywhere & anytime

Book meetings anyplace and any time and make amends or cancellations at any given point.

Book any additional resource you need

Schedule any additional services such as AV equipment, catering, seating arrangements, visitor badges, parking and so on.

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Our solution provides you notifications about amendments, cancellations, meetings and end-times.

Report on your utilisation

Our detailed reporting provides you with the necessary insights on how to better utilise your estates.

Build around your enterprise

Highly flexible, adaptable and scalable. Our solution is built to incorporate all your business processes.

Book workspaces & other resources straight from Outlook & Teams

Your Microsoft Outlook and Teams calendars are the ideal platforms for scheduling meetings with co-workers and booking meeting rooms, including Teams Rooms.

However, if you want to book additional services such as catering, seating layouts, presentation equipment etc, this can involve lots of additional calls and emails back and forth.

By building the solution onto your Exchange/Office 365 infrastructure, the process of making and servicing additional resource requests is streamlined for both meeting organisers and facilities and catering staff alike.

ideal for corridors and hot desk zones, compact screens can be used to display multiple resources in a simple block layout

Use virtually any screen hardware to display status & enable bookings

Our solution gives you the widest choice in room screens and way-finding solutions to allow you to:

  • Display current & 'next up' bookings
  • Make 'on the spot' bookings
  • Locate booked rooms & hot desks
  • Find co-workers
  • Check in & check out on arrival
  • Authenticate bookings

Book everything In one place

Our optional Resource Finder button in Outlook Calendar lets users search for available rooms or hot desks according to location, built-in facilities, favourites, etc.  They can also see images and other details to help with their selection such as maximum capacity, floor plans and directions.

You can also use standard Outlook functionality to book your available workspace resources.

Ordering any extra services or equipment such as catering options and timings, special dietary requests, visitor passes and parking, teleconferencing services, and so on, are all massively simplified for end users, and easy for administrators to configure.

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meeting room advance booking form solution

Everything you need to manage your facilities in one simple admin panel

Whether it is managing your resources, reporting on their usage, building custom reports or viewing daily tasks the admin panel provides an intuitive approach to your facilities management needs.

  • Resource administrators can easily update & move bookings
  • Requests are aggregated into a single view, for the entire week, a given day or meeting
  • All changes & cancellations are automatically tracked
  • Order forms can be customised according to what's on offer
  • An array of reports are available to meet your needs, including utilisation
  • All service requests can be allocated to cost codes for charge-back purposes
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Teams Room & Video Conferencing

Our out-of-the-box Outlook and Teams calendar functionality makes scheduling a video conference super easy.

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Make a great impression with visitors

When scheduling a meeting room, you can add visitor information and other services that you might want to offer, such as:

  • a parking space
  • a request for special assistance at reception
  • a visitor pass on arrival

An optional self-service guest registration module lets visitors indicate their arrival (e.g. from a dedicated touch screen in reception), with the ability to automatically notify their host.

This serves to reduce the overheads on busy receptions, or provide an efficiency service in unmanned receptions.

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Automatically notify meeting hosts and optionally enable self-service arrival notification.

Most carbon-efficient building in London optimises room utilisation

What our customers say

RHP carbon-efficient building in London optimises room utilisation

We didn’t want to have two separate systems. The solution has enabled us to keep working within our existing calendar system, but it gives us the additional structure and functionality we needed...Importantly, we can now also capture information that shows us how efficiently we are using our rooms and cars. We can also collect data for departmental costing purposes, such as catering.

Kayvan Rahmani, RHP

Project Manager

Ready to optimise your meeting room & desk scheduling?