Video Conferencing Scheduling

Our meeting room solution enables your staff to easily schedule video conferencing  meetings with Skype for Business straight from Outlook calendar, as it is built on Exchange & Office 365.

Schedule Microsoft Teams or Skype video conferencing meetings using only Outlook

Our solution enables you to schedule a multiple location video conference meeting, simply by clicking on the "New Skype Meeting" or "New Teams Meeting" icon on your toolbar.

Skype for Business booking as a Resource

Your benefits for using video conferencing

Simple and easy for users

Search by multiple locations and in 2-clicks book a video conferencing all through the familiar for users Outlook calendar.

Maximise Collaboration

By being able to book video conference facilities in multiple locations with ease and securely, staff are able to collaborate faster than ever before.

Reduce costs

The ease of scheduling video conferencing allows your company to reduce the costs of unnecessary travelling.

Improve work balance

Your staff benefit from taking advantage of video conferencing, by reducing unnecessary travelling and improving productivity and well-being.

"In the past the process of preparing for a customer visit involved lots of phone calls and email traffic to ensure everything would be in place. By adding the process of booking resources into the standard Outlook appointment booking service we anticipate a lot of staff time will be saved."

Brian Lyall, IT Development Manager, Renishaw Group

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Key features of our Video Conferencing solution

Use Skype for Business seamlessly

Our solution enables seamless use of Skype for Business as it is build on Exchange and Office 365.

Use only your Outlook calendar

All the video conference scheduling is done straight from your Outlook calendar and in 2-clicks.

Schedule multiple locations

Our solution gives you the ability to book video conferencing in multiple locations all at once.

Super fast and time saving

Using Outlook calendar for scheduling video conferencing makes it super fast to book and make amends.


Get notified about upcoming meetings straight from your Outlook calendar notifications.

Set up to your corporate processes

Our solution enables you to easily inherit your enterprise processes and enable extra services to be booked according to your structure.

Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling