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Benefits of Learning Management

Easy to Track
See how staff members are progressing in their Microsoft skills training.

Add Your Own Content

Deliver Microsoft’s off-the-shelf training along with content that reflects your business’ needs.

Motivate With Ease

Create a vibrant and compelling learning culture with competencies, leader’s board, etc.

Train your workforce using a learning management platform that’s trackable, targeted & flexible

With Microsoft 365 Learning Pathways you have access to Microsoft training content free of charge, which can be implemented to your Microsoft 365 environment with a simple click.

Now you can build on this content by delivering it using LMS365 to get the following business benefits:

  • Arrange the Microsoft’s training materials into structured courses and targeted training plans
  • Add in your own training materials – e.g. training on how YOU as a business want to use and organise Teams
  • Enrol staff onto Microsoft training courses and give them access to their own personal training dashboard
  • Enable learning managers & line managers to track the progress of their staff and set exams
  • Reward staff with certifications & competency attainment
  • Create reports using Microsoft Power BI dashboards
  • Easily access training using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or the LMS365 mobile app

Features of Microsoft LMS365 ?

Boost Microsoft 365 adoption

Combine Microsoft training with your own

Collaborative & engaging learning culture

Boost Microsoft 365 adoption

Many of use just a fraction of the potential of the Microsoft applications available to us.

Boost Microsoft 365 adoption

By delivering training ‘in the flow of work’ and in a way that’s easily targeted and calibrated according to individual roles, you can make learning a more enjoyable experience.

The net result is a better return on your licence adoption in terms of staff productivity.  Your workforce will also feel more empowered and able to use the tools available to them with confidence.

Combine Microsoft training with your own

By using off-the-shelf Microsoft training materials alongside your own business-specific content you can provide the optimal support package to your workforce.

Combine Microsoft training with your own

For example, you may organise your Teams in specific ways to support different your business use-cases. You may also have a company-specific etiquette for using Teams, SharePoint and email.

There are also some ‘softer skills’ you may wish to impart, such as how to get the most out of a Teams meeting, how to overcome being self-conscious on calls, and how to look your best on a Teams call.

Create a collaborative & engaging learning culture

Keeping staff motivated and feeling supported - especially when working remotely - is a real challenge.

Create a collaborative & engaging learning culture

By delivering training content within the Teams environment, you can offer employees the opportunity to engage, be social and collaborate during their learning process.

For example, staff can easily share their own ‘top tips’ for working with Teams, SharePoint, etc, and can readily ‘hop’ on a Teams call to get or provide assistance.

Deliver a truly digital learning experience for your enterprise

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