Enterprise Vault to Office 365 Migration

Essential specialise in Enterprise Vault to Office 365 migrations.

We help you move your email archives by overseeing a seamless, selective & audited migration from Enterprise Vault to Office 365 in 1-step. 

EV to office 365 email archive migration

Looking for a super-fast & reliable migration from EV to Office 365?

Experts in both Enterprise Vault and Office 365, Essential will provide you with the fastest and most reliable solution for your EV to Office 365 migration.

Our email archive migration technology of choice is TransVault, the first solution to be approved by both Veritas (previously Symantec) and Microsoft, and the only product to be proven in over 1,750 projects.

Move your archives in 1 clean, fast step

Your EV data can be extracted from 'live' or static Vaults, using TransVault's unique hybrid connector that automatically switches between direct or API extraction techniques to deliver optimum speed and reliability.

Your data is then moved in one step - direct to Office 365 across the network using TransVault CloudStream to deliver unbeatable ingestion speeds.

There's no interim storage or formats that could compromise the integrity of your data or add extra cost and time to your migration.

Prioritising the end-user experience

Even if you've been synching EV shortcuts, deleted items often slip the net.  TransVault ensures the end user's experience is as seamless as possible, and that there's no surprises 'post-migration' (like deleted items re-appearing).

There's also granular control over what gets migrated where in Office 365 - for example, you might decide to move items older than 2 years to In-Place Archives - you can also elect to moved deleted items into hidden RIF folders to ensure completeness for eDiscovery purposes.

100% Data Integrity & Compliance

As part of the migration you'll get detailed chain-of-custody reports showing time-stamped, 1:1 mappings of the item ID in the EV archive and the new ItemID created in Office 365, enabling your business to meet compliance objectives.

There's also full support for migrating legacy EV Journal archives into the new Office 365 compliance model.

Advanced Trouble Shooting

If an item fails to migrate (usually due to corruption in the EV archive or a temporary network problem), our service includes remediation:

In short, if we can fix your email we will.  If the email is damaged beyond repair, we still might be able to salvage all or part of it for your legal department.

Total Flexibility

As part of the migration service we can help you profile exactly what you have, and present options for dealing with and migrating a variety of different and site-specific scenarios. For example:

  • merging multiple archives belonging to the same person,
  • handling (and optionally re-writing different email addressing conventions)
  • identifying leavers, orphaned mailboxes, etc.

We can also advise on and fit around your overall Office 365 migration strategy, working hand-in-hand with your IT team or a 3rd-party Office 365 service provider to deliver a successful outcome.

Ready to migrate your Enterprise Vault email archives to Office 365?

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Fast migration from EV to office 365

The product had enough flexibility to handle our specific requirements and get us the speeds we were looking for in terms of throughput to Office 365. I would not hesitate in recommending this software, and indeed, Essential, as a service delivery partner, to anyone asked.

-  Ian Gates, Director of Group IT, Capita