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Enterprise archive solution (EAS) archive migration

Essential are ‘the go to’ experts for migrating your EAS archives.

We will deliver a seamless, selective & audited email migration from Capax/Autonomy/Zantaz EAS to your preferred destination (e.g. Microsoft 365) in 1-step.

Migrate from capax eas

Why we should be your only choice for your email archive migration

Looking for a super-fast & reliable migration from EAS to a new platform such as Microsoft 365?

Essential will provide you with the fastest, most secure and reliable solution for migrating your Capax/Autonomy/Zantaz EAS email archives.

We also offer a lot of flexibility such as the ability to do selective migrations that reflect your business and compliance needs.

As the European channel and support centre for EAS when it was first launched over 15 years ago, Essential understands EAS in depth and can cope with the most challenging configurations and specific requirements you might have.

With hundreds of email archive migrations completed, including some of the largest, most compliance sensitive in the world, there’s nothing we can’t handle!

Email Archive Migration

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Email Archive Migration

Is there a shortcut to email archive migration?

FACT: If you migrate legacy shortcuts into Exchange Online, it’s highly likely they’ll ‘still work’ if your archive remains on-premises. So do you need to get rid of it?

Email Archive Migration

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Expert Advice

Fine tune your move for success

There’s a lot of choice over where and how you move your legacy EAS archives.  We can provide you with a pre-migration analysis that will enable you to decide what you want to do.  For example:

  • Move leavers’ archives to low cost storage in the cloud where you can access it if you need to
  • Migrate emails less than 1 year old to the primary Exchange mailbox
  • Move emails >1year old to their archive mailbox
  • Merge archives and migrate them to a departmental shared mailbox

Get in touch for a chat about what you want to achieve.


“The project included the migration of over 70 million messages including the journal mailbox, where full chain-of-custody reporting brought the firm peace-of-mind that all items were accounted for.”


Kennedys Law Firm

Move your email archive in 1 clean, fast step

Your archives are migrated automatically via a high-performance, multi-threaded engine, that connects, directly from your Autonomy/Zantaz EAS archive.

There’s no interim storage or formats that could compromise the integrity of your data or add extra cost and time to your migration.

Prioritises the end user experience

Our solutions preserve the end user’s view of their archived emails as you move. Folder structures are maintained and shortcuts are cleaned up, ensuring end-users have a seamless migration experience into the archive of your choice.

100% Data integrity

As part of the migration you’ll get detailed chain-of-custody reports showing time-stamped, 1:1 mappings of the item ID in the Autonomy/Zantaz EAS archive and the new ItemID created in your new platform, enabling your business to meet compliance objectives.

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