Putting You in Control of Your Microsoft Infrastructure


Keep business-critical Microsoft services running smoothly.  

Proactively monitor and report on Exchange, Office 365, Active Directory, Skype for Business and other vital services to avoid problems escalating into slow-downs or outages.  


Move seamlessly to Office 365 or re-architect your on-premises Exchange environment.

Streamline your transition with solutions that will help you migrate legacy data and manage complex coexistence and hybrid scenarios.


Leverage your investment and know-how in Microsoft Exchange & Office 365.

Essential has a range of solutions to help you automate essential tasks such as booking rooms and other resources, processing forms, easing collaboration, linking AD with other business apps, and more.

How we work


Always on the leading edge, we deliver unique and innovative technologies from best-of-breed authors.


Our passion to understand your business needs, combined with our deep subject know-how ensures great outcomes.


With a track-record that spans 20+ years, we deliver and support solutions we can be proud of...and that you can rely on. 

Do you really need Office 365 Monitoring?

Discover how Office 365 – especially in a hybrid environment - creates a whole new set of monitoring challenges that you might not have been expecting.

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