Expert Email Archive Migration

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Powerful, Super Fast Email Archive Migration from anywhere, to anywhere.

If you need to switch to a new email archive, maintaining the integrity and accessibility of your corporate email records is vital.

Essential delivers a proven, end-to-end or assisted service that addresses many different email archive migration scenarios.  

We'll ensure that you get all the benefits of migrating to new archive platform without risking downtime or loss of your email records.

Why we should be your only choice for your email archive migration

To deliver your migration we have partnered with the world-leaders in archive migrations, TransVault, authors of the first product to be certified by both Microsoft and Veritas (previously Symantec), and whose technology is proven in over 1,750+ projects the world over.

Ever mindful of the fact that budgets are always stretched, we can empower your own IT team to take a DIY approach to completing a migration.  We are also happy to provide an end-to-end, fully-managed migration.

Above all, we work closely with all the relevant stakeholders to ensure a migration that meets IT, end user and business and legal needs.

Our Top 5 Tips for Migrating Email Archives

Email Archive Migration to Office 365

Discover the fastest and most powerful way to migrate your email archives to Office 365.

Move archives back into Exchange

Discover the fastest and most powerful way to migrate your email archives to Exchange.

Migrate to, or upgrade Enterprise Vault

Powerfully migrate your email archives to EV or upgrade an existing EV environment.

Move to or between Cloud services

Migrate your email archives from on-premises to the cloud, such as Mimecast and Google.

email archive migration from anywhere.cp

Migrate your email archive to any platform

Discover the fastest and most powerful way to migrate your email archives from your existing archive to the archive of your choice.

Journal & Compliant migration

Discover the fastest and most powerful way to migrate your sensitive email archives to any cloud vendor, securely and with full chain-of-custody and data integrity.

journal compliant migration
PSTs migration

PST file migration

Discover the fastest and most powerful way to migrate content from your PST email archives to any cloud vendor.

Public Folder Migration

Public Folders can grow extremely large and often get archived to avoid overloaded Exchange servers. We help you migrate your Public folders with no data loss and ensuring end-user experience.

Public Folder Migration Tools

From the outset, Essential provided us with a lot of information about preparing for the migration and what to expect from the process. They also had a good understanding of compliance and audit requirements, all of which gave us a lot of confidence in their approach.

- Bob Greenwood, IT Manager, Trowers & Hamlins Law Firm

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