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Email Archive Migration

Future-proof your legacy email archives

Modernise your data without risking downtime or loss.


Fixed price email archive migration

On-prem archives lead to excessive cost, inconvenience & risk:

  • Maintenance is expensive: Annual support & licencing costs & ongoing server, storage & backup overheads quickly mount up.
  • Access is awkward: Retrieving emails may require a VPN or an Outlook add-in. Shortcuts (stubs) in Exchange Online can work across the network, but this is unsupported & can create problems later.
  • Compliance is complex: You’ll need to govern data retention & carry out eDiscovery in multiple places.

By migrating your archives to the cloud, you’ll get to reap many benefits such as reduced risk, anywhere accessibility and lower costs.

Get a fixed-price for us to move your email records to the cloud, quickly, securely & seamlessly.

Ever mindful of the fact that budgets are always stretched, we can also empower your own IT team to complete your migration.


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Move your email archives with the experts

Working with Essential

Essential has been helping enterprises move their email records from one platform to another for well over 20 years.

We know what it takes to get the best results for everyone involved, getting quick results, zero downtime for users and full compliance for your legal department.

As part of the migration service we can help you profile exactly what you have, and give you options for dealing with different scenarios. E.g.:

  • Merging multiple archives belonging to the same person (this can happen after a location or name change)
  • Handling (& optionally re-writing) different email addressing conventions
  • Identifying leavers, orphaned mailboxes, etc.


“Although shortcuts would still work across the network after migrating to Microsoft 365, the prospect of maintaining a dedicated email archive on-prem was a non-starter. Essential worked out the best strategy for migrating our archived emails into Exchange Online.”

Stephen Appleby, at An Post


All data moved is fully audited and nothing slips through the net…

  • Detailed chain-of-custody reports
  • At a glance migration status updates
  • Auto-retries of any failed items
  • Inbuilt trouble shooting & online KB


We’ll help you profile what you have, and present options for dealing with a variety of different scenarios. We also advise on and fit around your overall migration strategy, working hand-in-hand with your IT team to deliver a successful outcome.


Advanced filtering lets you easily select what gets migrated and where. E.g.

Move selected departments/folders/users
Move items > 2 years to archive mailboxes
Exclude deleted items

Super fast

High-speed connectors are available to connect into most source and target archive systems, delivering optimum speed without negative impact on your network or live email/archive services.

User aware

Archives often work by leaving shortcuts in users’ mailboxes. As we migrate your archives we will check their current location and status, and either convert or remove shortcuts as needed.

This means no surprises ‘post migration’ that could have a negative impact on user productivity and the ‘end user experience’.


Our archive migration technology is proven in over 2,500 migrations and is trusted by major vendors including Veritas and Microsoft.

We have also performed some of the largest email archive migrations in the world, including a single project to move 3PBs.

Escape the shackles of legacy workloads. Harness the benefits of Microsoft 365 any place, anywhere collaboration & Azure flexibility.


Supported platforms

Email Journals


Unify Daegis AXS-One


EMC EmailXtender

EMC Source One

PST, EML or NSF files


EAS (Exchange Archive Solution)

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