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Performance Management :

Performance Management in Microsoft Teams

Performance management in the flow of work

Make it easy for your workforce & managers to stay engaged & track performance by using their daily collaboration platform.


In today’s fast-paced, hybrid work environment, fostering a motivated, engaged and ‘on track’ workforce can be a challenge.

Perform365 and Engage365 address these challenges by offering structured check-ins, goal-setting, and performance recognition designed to enhance collaboration, productivity, and employee satisfaction, regardless of where they work.

And, by delivering this experience in the flow of work – Microsoft Teams – you’ll find adoption goes through the roof.


The benefits of using our performance management solution

Easy and convenient to use

Fully integrated within Microsoft Teams, our performance management system is easy and convenient for all concerned.

Regular feedback and progress monitoring blends seamlessly with your workforce’s everyday working platform – there’s no separate portal to log into.

Plus integration with Teams means communication flows seamlessly.

Simply decide which functions you would like to get started with, create your groups (e.g. using existing Microsoft 365 Groups) and  select your rollout approach.

A Teams-based Dashboard lets Line Managers and HR view team and organisation wide performance metrics.

See what’s really happening with your people through AI-powered dashboards

  • Reviews and appraisals
  • 1:1 conversations
  • 360 feedback
  • OKS
  • Goals
  • Talent mapping
  • Wellbeing
  • Visibility

Facilitates great two-way feedback

Open and frequent communication channels between managers and employees are the lifeblood of any thriving organisation.

By keeping check-ins short, regular, and integrated into Teams, where employees already work, communication flows seamlessly. Adding Praise and peer recognition to the mix further strengthens this vital connection.

You’ll keep your best talent because they feel valued and heard.

Ensures alignment with objectives

Tracking progress towards individual and overall business goals can be tricky.

Perform365 simplifies the process by gently reminding employees of their goals, aiding evaluation of progress and supporting your OKR (objectives and key results) goal-setting framework.

This continual reinforcement keeps goals at the forefront of minds, encouraging employees to stay focused and modify their efforts as needed.

Simplifies performance reviews & appraisals

Performance evaluations can be a daunting task for both employees and line managers.

Engage365 compiles data from short weekly check-ins, feedback, goal progress, and more into ready-to-use conversation agendas.

Employees simply auto-populate the performance review from their check-in history, getting rid of 90% of meeting prep time.

Links with learning and development

Developing skills in support of individual and business goals is an important aspect of performance management.

Using Perform365 and Engage365 alongside our Learning Management System for Microsoft 365 (Learn365) is a game-changer.

This combination enables you to set development goals and then deliver and track learning that’s aligned with those goals, all within your existing Microsoft 365 environment.


Why Teams integration is a game changer for a performance management system

High Adoption Rate

Weekly10 is built for Microsoft Teams, which means it has one of the industry’s highest user adoption rates at 90% (11% higher than the industry average). 

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Easy to Set Up

A Microsoft 365 technology stack means your performance management system will be up and running fast, with the average roll-out time at just over 2 weeks.

No Separate Logins

Asking for help, giving peer recognition, updating goals….all of it is embedded in Teams. There’s no separate system to log into to.

Keeps the Conversation Current & Relevant

Teams creates a sense of community, immediacy and relevance that lends itself to ongoing conversations about goals, open and frequent management feedback and peer recognition.


Resources on performance management systems for Microsoft 365

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What our customers have to say

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