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Email Journal Migration :


Preserve historic email journals


If you’ve been journaling emails on-premises or in an external cloud service, don’t get trapped into costly maintenance and subscription fees.

We can seamlessly migrate your journals to a new platform, ensuring you meet compliance needs and that your mail records are fully discoverable post-migration.


The benefits of using our journal migration service

Protect what gets moved

Our service will ensure your journals are fully preserved and protected as they’re migrated:

  • Maintain full chain-of-custody
  • Get a full inventory of what’s been moved
  • Preserve meta data such as BCC’d recipients & distribution list members (DLs)
  • Ensure everything is discoverable post-migration.

Understand your journal to Microsoft 365 migration options

Did you know there is no equivalent of a journal in Microsoft 365?

We will explain your migration options and the benefits of each approach, including how to handle journals belonging to leavers and how to ensure accurate eDiscovery and retention.

Capture more than just email

You may want to extend your journaling to include the capture of other messaging sources such as Microsoft Teams chat, WhatsApp and the myriad other platforms that may now be in use by your hybrid workforce.

We can help you create a centralised service that allows messaging taking place across multiple channels to be analysed.


Supported platforms


What to look for when you migrate your journals

Full auditing & chain of custody

Selective moves, e.g., items <10 years old

Expert advice on your available options

Preservation of BCC’d recipients & DL members

Archived journal support (e.g. Enterprise Vault)

Automated migration & fault handling

Ability to map journals into Microsoft 365

Support for many sources & destinations such as Mimecast & Veritas.


Resources on email journal migration

What our customers have to say about us

City and Guilds

What our customers have to say

From a business perspective it is vital that we make the move as pain-free as possible for our staff and that no emails go missing. Additionally, by re-housing all our legacy and ongoing email records in one solution, the City & Guilds Group stands to benefit from significantly reduced support overheads and operational costs

City and Guilds Switches Email Clouds

Ian Turfrey, Explained Director of IT at the City & Guilds Group

What our customers have to say

“The project included the migration of over 70 million messages including the journal mailbox, where full chain-of-custody reporting brought the firm peace-of-mind that all items were accounted for.”


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