We help Microsoft-centric enterprises fully adopt the cloud & adapt to new ways of working.


Re-imagine your office spaces

The success of today’s hybrid working model has led to new challenges in optimising office space and facilitating ‘in person’ collaboration:

  • How can we make it easy for our people to visit the office & sit with their team?
  • How can we avoid ‘office tumbleweed’ on Mondays & Fridays?
  • How can we re-work the spaces we have & save costs?

Essential has been delivering enterprise level workspace and resource booking systems for over 15 years.

We offer a range of solutions to give you the best fit for your workforce, your FM and HR teams, and your Microsoft 365 platform.

Modern workspace management

Hot desk booking software

Streamline the process of locating, booking & managing desks for your Covid-secure & hybrid working strategy.

Meeting room booking system

Find the ideal meeting room or workspace & book additional services.

Digital signage

We offer a wide range of digital and QR code signage options for your modern hybrid workplace.

Catering & services booking

Streamline how workplace resources are requested & provisioned.

Visitor Management

Get a range of services designed to create a good impression with visitors while easing the administrative tasks involved in managing them.

Workspace Utilisation Reporting

Improve your bottom line, eliminate waste and optimise your future workspace by understanding how your office is being used.

Find out how we can help you adopt & adapt the Microsoft modern workplace & cloud for your business