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Compliance critical migration from Enterprise Vault to Office 365

Moving compliance critical email archives to Office 365

Nykredit is one of Denmark’s leading financial services companies with activities ranging from mortgage, retail and investment banking to insurance, leasing and fixed income trading and asset management.

As part of a migration of its core email services to Microsoft Office 365, the company will be moving over 5,000 users’ Microsoft Exchange email mailboxes into the cloud, along with over 18TB of email records currently held in a secure, on-premises archive.

Operating in the financial sector, preserving the chain-of-custody and integrity of data as it is moved will be vital in preserving the evidentiary value of electronic records if needed at a future date.

Migrating from EV to Office 365

The archive contents, stored in Symantec’s Enterprise Vault, are to be migrated by Microsoft Gold Partner, Essential Computing, who specialize in compliance-critical data transfer into Office 365.

The move will include several years’ worth of emails belonging to past employees that need to be kept in accordance with the bank’s electronic records retention policies.  To reduce the costs of preserving this additional data Nykredit plans to take advantage of the Office 365 inactive mailbox service.  This no-cost Microsoft service allows organisations to immutably preserve the contents of a user’s mailbox after they leave for the purposes of eDiscovery.

From a practical viewpoint, the IT team at Nykredit was also keen to ensure its migration would be as quick and seamless as possible, both to avoid disruption to end users and to minimise the time during which it needed to run its legacy on-premises systems in tandem with Office 365.

The migration software used by Essential to deliver the migration, TransVault, is proven in each of these areas, offering:

  • One-step moves into Office 365 that preserve chain-of-custody
  • Detailed reporting and error handling
  • User-aware moves that ensure all the right items get moved into the right folder locations
  • High-speed, optimised ingestion into Office 365.

Enterprise Vault to Office 365 Migration

 Discover how we can help you migrate your email archives from Symantec Enterprise Vault to Office 365, whilst maintaining compliance critical legacy emails.

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