Cloud Backup & Storage for On-premises Workloads

Low cost, no-touch & zero lock-in!


Take the opportunity to update your on-premises storage & backup technology.

Covid-19 has undeniably accelerated the adoption of remote working and cloud in general.  And, according to research carried out by Computer Weekly, the pandemic had led to cloud storage and backup being popular IT projects for UK companies this year.  

Discover how you can eliminate the physical risks and 'in-person' maintenance overheads of working with storage and backup facilities that are still sitting in your office.

Offering all the security and compliance assurance you need, our solution leverages Microsoft Azure to deliver a flexible storage and backup service with key features that include:

  • 15 minutes set-up time
  • No complicated gateway
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly contract
  • Consumption-based charging (not an expensive 'up to' plan)
  • No data lock-in if you decide to move on
  • Advanced management capabilities (from the safety of your armchair)


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Get enterprise level backup & restore

  • Move home drives & file shares into the cloud with seamless access & full search
  • Synchronise access rights
  • Backup Windows server environments
  • Create policies to determine the best Azure storage tier for your data
  • Local caching lets you keep frequently accessed data super fast
  • Inline dedupe & compression results in 25%-60% storage savings
  • Encryption protects your data in transit & at rest
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No lock in:

A true cloud model, HubStor does not lock your data in either technically or contractually. Pay only for what you use.

Data Governance:

Collect Journal feeds, apply retention policies, put items on litigation hold, get WORM compliance and prevent data loss.

Re-purpose existing file servers as cloud storage gateways.

Creates simple software copies, adds storage tiers and migrates data based on policies you define without adding new hardware or disrupting users/apps.

Data aware storage:

Once stored in the cloud, HubStor enables you to visualise and query what you have, so that you can make better decisions on what to keep. Build policies, audit activity and peform discovery as and when you need to.