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Meet compliance needs with WhatsApp capture,

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How to prevent WhatsApp message deletion

Once a tool for personal chats, WhatsApp is now the go-to app for business communication in sectors like finance and public services.

Now you can continue business as usual, while securely capturing WhatsApp conversations and meeting compliance needs:

  • Capture communications in near real-time, even if users delete messages
  • Preserve text, multimedia, videos, audio clips, & attachments
  • Carry out efficient searches
  • Detect policy violations
  • Be prepared for litigation & FOI requests.


The benefits of using our WhatsApp archiving solution

Boost Communications Credibility with Ease

Users can send branded business WhatsApps alongside private WhatsApps on one device.

  • Create a professional business WhatsApp with company description, logo, web link, your email address, etc.
  • Add disclaimers and an opt out link to meet GDPR needs
  • Use your existing WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) – i.e. no need to introduce a new number to your clients
  • Allow users to do personal and business WhatsApps on their own device.

Meet Your Compliance Remit

Carry out ad-hoc searches or monitor employee communications for adherence to company policies.

Role-based controls ensure the right access for key individuals, such as your legal team.

Advanced data visualisation and AI and machine learning supercharge your compliance supervision and boost litigation readiness.

  • Store WhatsApp data in your preferred location
  • All items encrypted and given unique IDs
  • Apply legal holds
  • Implement retention rules and defensible deletion policies
  • Advanced search & retrieval
  • Streamline eDiscovery, responding to FOI requests & ECA
  • Detect policy violations
  • Review conversations in context.

Consolidate WhatsApp traffic alongside other communications

Business communications often involve diverse channels like Microsoft Teams chat, Bloomberg Chat, Slack, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Now you can capture, manage, and understand data emanating from myriad sources in one place to drive better business outcomes and meet compliance needs.


Why our WhatsApp Business Archiving is a game changer

Ensure Bullet-Proof Security

Your WhatsApp records are preserved in tamperproof, cloud storage of your choice, with full audit trails of all actions and optional WORM.

Easy to Set Up

Simply deploy the App using Intune or similar. There’s no need to set up a new Meta business account if you already have one.

Meets Regulations

Built on an architecture that meets core regulatory requirements (SEC, FINRA, FCA, MIFID II).

Meets BYOD Needs

Users can continue to send private WhatsApps alongside business from their own device.


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