We help Microsoft-centric enterprises fully adopt the cloud & adapt to new ways of working.

Journaling & eDiscovery in the cloud

Boost your messaging & collaboration compliance

Essential has been helping enterprises capture, retain and discover their business communications for over a decade.

We’re very familiar with the typical issues faced by IT and legal teams when it comes to working with ‘native’ Microsoft tools for compliant retention and eDiscovery:

  • “We need to capture more than just Microsoft 365 content”
  • “Our eDiscovery searches are too slow”
  • “Managing our retention policies is complicated”
  • “We don’t want to be dependent on our IT team to respond to each access request”

Discover the ultimate way to capture, retain and discover across your messaging and collaboration platforms:

Journaling & eDiscovery

Email journaling for Microsoft 365

The ultimate platform for records capture, management and eDiscovery of your Microsoft 365 and other SMTP journal sources.

Journaling & eDiscovery for Microsoft Teams

Capture, retain and discover your Microsoft Teams 1:1 and group chats, files and more.

Multi-source journaling for WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom & more

Capture, centralise and discover a wide range of collaboration and social networking platforms.