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SharePoint Online Archiving

Low cost ‘overspill’ SharePoint storage in Microsoft Azure.

Seamlessly add to your SharePoint Online storage using Microsoft Azure – and save up to 90% on your Microsoft storage bill.

Shrink your SharePoint storage costs

Discover how much you can save

Is a mix of increased reliance on SharePoint Online for remote sharing, Teams Channel video recordings and retention policies eating up your default quota?

You can purchase additional SharePoint storage from Microsoft for $0.20 gigabyte/month, but for a LOT less, you can extend your available storage with low cost BLOB storage on Microsoft Azure.

Depending on your data volume, redundancy requirements and the type of Azure tiered storage you need, our SharePoint storage pricing is between half and one tenth of the cost of SharePoint Online storage costs.

For example, a comparative quotation to store 500TB was going to cost £410,000 p.a. in SharePoint online.

It was less than £63,000 to store in our Azure archive.

Get in touch with your predicted storage volumes and we’ll provide comparative pricing.

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SharePoint Online Archiving

No lock-in

A true cloud model, our Azure SharePoint archive does not lock your data in either technically or contractually. Pay only for what you use.

Data Governance

Apply retention policies, put items on litigation hold, get WORM compliance and prevent data loss.

Re-purpose existing file servers as cloud storage gateways.

Creates copies, adds storage tiers and migrates data based on policies you define without adding new hardware or disrupting users/apps.

Data aware storage

Once stored in the cloud, you can visualise and query what data you have, so that you can make better decisions on what to keep. Build policies, audit activity and perform discovery as and when you need to.

SharePoint Online Archiving

Find out how much you could be saving.  If you know your predicted storage needs we can give you a comparative quote.

Seamlessly extend your SharePoint capacity

Get seamless, secure & reduced-cost storage for SharePoint using your own Microsoft Azure tenant or ours…

With support for on-premises SharePoint Server and Office 365’s SharePoint Online (SPO), our hosted SharePoint archiving service delivers:

  • Low-cost Azure blob storage
  • Configurable policies that drive the migration of content from SPO to the Azure archive.
  • Litigation holds, retention & data classification that can be applied to your archived files – just like in SPO.
  • Much smaller retrieval links in SPO to give seamless end user access.
  • Azure security settings to minimise security risks.
  • Use of Azure AD and synchronisation with security ACLs to give the same authentication & authorisation as in Microsoft 365.
  • Low cost backup for your entire SharePoint tenant or specific sites.
SharePoint Online Archiving

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