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Microsoft 365 Backup

Protection & eDiscovery readiness for your enterprise data

Get low cost, zero lock-in backup & data protection for all Microsoft 365 workloads.


Essential protection for Microsoft 365 workloads

Did you know Microsoft’s services agreement states the importance of having a backup plan that involves a third party?

When it comes to protection against malicious deletions (e.g. caused by ransomware and disgruntled employees) as well as accidental deletions, inbuilt Microsoft 365 backup and restore capability (such as the recycle bin) can leave you wanting more.

If you need enterprise-calibre functionality, such as better restore granularity, longer than 90 days in which to pull back deleted items, fault tolerant restores that won’t come to a halt if you hit an error, you should consider a dedicated Microsoft 365 backup solution.

By using backup as a service in Azure that’s specifically designed to backup Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and Teams, you can protect messages, calendars, tasks, chats and many other content types – including Box and Slack – with unlimited retention and fast, flexible recovery.


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Take advantage of Azure to protect your Microsoft Modern Workplace.


Get enterprise level backup & restore

A dedicated & comprehensive service for each workload

Unlike other solutions that do a good job of providing backup of user mailboxes, and a limited set of OneDrive and SharePoint data, we support the unique APIs available for each workload in Microsoft 365 to give you the best backup and recovery service across the board.

This means we can deliver protection that also covers Teams, generic lists, system data, wikis, recoverable items, archive mailboxes, the Microsoft 365 audit log and more.

  • Backup Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams
  • Quickly restore individual files, folders, lists/libraries & sites
  • Recover to a point in time
  • Restore to original or alternate destination
  • Add new users & site collections to your backup automatically


From a business perspective it is vital that we make the move as pain-free as possible for our staff and that no emails go missing. Additionally, by re-housing all our legacy and ongoing email records in one solution, the City & Guilds Group stands to benefit from significantly reduced support overheads and operational costs

Ian Turfrey, Explained Director of IT at the City & Guilds Group

High performance

Get a service that scales up & performs to meet the backup & recovery demands of the largest enterprise.

Fast, granular restores

Perform fast, flexible restores of Office 365 content at the item, folder & user level. Easily recover mailboxes, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams & more.

Compliant storage

Select the location of your cloud backup service: use your own Azure cloud or choose a hosted service that meets your data residency requirements.

Enterprise security

Our backup service uses end-to-end encryption, modern authentication, immutable storage, IP whitelisting & is SOC 2 compliant.

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