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Cloud Infrastructure

Virtual Machine Backup & Restore

We offer a simple, Azure-based Backup-as-a-Service that’s available as a pay-as-you-go, low-cost service with zero lock in


Virtual Machine Backup

Protecting your vSphere and Hyper-V environments doesn’t need to be complex or costly.

If your current virtual machine backup products are expensive and difficult to configure, it’s time to modernise your backup architecture, stop counting VMs, hosts, CPUs, and stop paying ‘annual maintenance.’

We offer a simple, Azure-based Backup-as-a-Service that’s available as a pay-as-you-go, low-cost service with zero lock in.

Be up and running in 15 min with simple, seamless and reliable storage that can also be used to protect your Microsoft 365 environment and deliver unbeatable file storage, intelligent archiving, WORM compliance, journaling, eDiscovery and more.


More than just virtual machines…

In addition to your virtual machines, you can protect and extend a wide range of workloads including:

  • Microsoft 365 email, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Teams & logs
  • On-premises systems (that would normally use physical backup and storage devices)
  • Email journals

The same platform also delivers content archiving for compliance and legal discovery, and many content types, including medical imaging, voice calls and video surveillance.


Azure Virtual Machine Backup

Fully managed in Azure

Completely turn-key whether the service runs in your Azure account or ours.

No lock in

A true cloud model, we do not lock your data in either technically or contractually. Pay only for what you use.

Fast Searching

Index content at blazing speeds. Perform searches using custodian, folder, keywords, and metadata. Save searches to a case. Sort results in various ways, including relevancy. See results with hit highlighting.

Data aware storage

Once stored in the cloud, you can visualise and query what you have and make informed and defensible decisions on what to keep.  You can also build policies, audit all activity and perform eDiscovery as and when you need.

WORM storage

Meet regulatory and legal requirements with our Write Once Read Many (WORM) retention in any Azure datacenter in the world. The service can also be your designated third party (D3P) with attestation to the regulatory body about your compliance.

Data Governance

Collect Journal feeds, apply retention policies, put items on litigation hold, get WORM compliance and prevent data loss.


It’s quick & easy to get going

Unlike other solutions that need you to configure and manage secondary and offsite backup storage yourself, you just need a small local cache for fast access to your most recent backup set.

Meanwhile seamless offsite replication and long-term retention automatically runs in the cloud.

  • 15 minutes to deploy: Your Backup Service is agent-less, enabling you to begin reliable protection of your VMs without lengthy onboarding and orientation sessions.
  • Instant 3-2-1 protection: You’ll get the abililty to set and monitor an enterprise-grade backup policy for automatically attaining the 3-2-1 data protection gold standard.
  • Simple Administration: Manage backup policies at any level in your virtualisation topology. Monitor the status of backup and restore jobs globally, per data centre, per hypervisor, and for each individual VM.
  • Immutable from ransomware: Ransomware can attack backups. With this service you’ll get immutable storage for your backups, ensuring that malicious encryption of local backups will not be a business-impacting event.

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No one likes being ‘locked in’

There’s no startup costs and you can pay based on your month-to-month consumption with zero lock-in, making it easy to move on if you change your mind.

Pricing is a simple baseline cost each month with pay-as-you-go, low-cost storage pricing.

You can also use this service to minimise your cloud storage costs as time goes by.  This is done using policies that you set to control which storage tier in Azure you use, and for how long your backups are retained for.  We will help you optimise your settings.

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