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Public Folder Migration to Microsoft 365

Public folder migration to Microsoft 365

Ensure on-premises Public Folders are migrated & modernised for optimal collaboration & data access in the cloud.


Public folder migration

It’s no secret: Migrating public folders (and public folder archives) to Microsoft 365 modern public folders can be difficult.

Added to this, there’s a wide choice of other destinations you might decide to migrate to, such as Groups, Teams, shared mailboxes, SharePoint and other destinations such as Azure or third-party cloud archives.

Let us make it easy!

Essential provides an unbiased vendor approach to technology and solutions for your project, and is able to advise on and recommend products and/or services depending on your scenario and requirements.

Public folder migration

Sticky Bit 4: Migrating On-Prem Public Folders to Microsoft 365

Introduction to public folders in Microsoft 365 Introduced into Microsoft Exchange over 25 years ago, public folders are shared folders that can be accessed by multiple users in an organisation. […]

Public folder migration

Why there’re no good tools to migrate public folders to Microsoft 365

Along with PSTs, Public Folders are usually the last data repository to be dismantled when you’re migrating to Office 365.  They’re typically big and full of static content, much of […]

migrate public folders to Office 365

Public folder migration

Archived public folders to Microsoft 365 migration

Essential Computing is delighted to announce that we are helping one of Norway’s most famous shipbrokers Lorentzen & Stemoco AS to migrate to Microsoft 365, with a key part of […]

Analyse your current public folder hierarchy

Visualise and drill into your public folders before migration to size up the effort and make informed decisions on what needs moving and where…and whether it needs moving at all.

Ensure a seamless end-user experience

By checking for mail-enabled folders, data ownership, and permissions in advance you can ensure that public folders behave correctly for on-premises and cloud-based users as they migrate.

Zero-downtime migration methodology

We can ensure your migration allows business activities to continue uninterrupted, with the option to synchronise content between on-prem and the cloud.

Cope with complexity

Modern public folders have many sizing requirements.  For example, your legacy public folder hierarchies may be too big to map directly into Microsoft 365.  We can help you tackle these niggling issues in advance of your move.

Escape the shackles of legacy workloads. Harness the benefits of Microsoft 365 any place, anywhere collaboration & Azure flexibility.


Migrate public folders to a range of locations

Essential delivers migration without downtime to a range of different targets:

  • Modern public folders online: Easily migrate public folders from Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, 2013, and 2016 to modern public folder mailboxes in Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft 365 groups: We provide you with the easiest process for mapping your Public Folder contents into the Microsoft 365 groups model. By migrating Exchange on-premises public folders to groups you can enhance social collaboration features across mail, calendar and content while reducing the costs associated with public folder management.
  • SharePoint online: Move public folder content that is often updated (such as company policies) into SharePoint online, and share it out using more appropriate methods.


The challenge was to migrate 11TB of Public Folders for our 5,000 users, which the Essential team carried out professionally with a minimum of downtime.

Kenneth Olsted, Norconsult AS


Migrate archived public folders to Microsoft 365

If you’ve been archiving your public folder contents, we can migrate these too.

Virtually all legacy and current archive platforms are supported, including Enterprise Vault (EV), HP Autonomy EAS, EMC EmailXtender, EMC SourceOne, Quest, Metalogix and many more.

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