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LMS Migration :

LMS Migration

Migrate your LMS

Get a fixed-price for us to migrate your existing LMS into Microsoft 365.

Discover the benefits of integrating learning and development with the platform your workforce already knows how to use: Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

Our LMS migration service offers a structured approach to migrating existing learning records, learning content and more into LMS365, the LMS for Microsoft 365 enterprises.


The benefits of using our LMS migration service

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Ensure a seamless learner journey

By migrating existing learner records, certificates and other metrics you can minimise disruptions to ongoing training and learning activities.

Users are more likely to embrace their new LMS when they realise their past efforts and achievements are not in vain.

Ease ongoing L & D management

  • Migrate existing SCORM content with ease
  • Import existing learner records, certifications, etc., ensuring compliance
  • Preservation of past learning trends allows you to identify areas for improvement and tailor training programs to better meet organisational goals.

Meet compliance needs

All historical learning records, including course completions, certifications, and progress tracking, are preserved.

This continuity is essential for maintaining compliance and regulatory requirements.


Features of our LMS migration service

Migration Management

Our team handles the migration process, ensuring a straightforward, hassle-free transition.

Template Design

User-friendly templates simplify data entry to support the migration process.

Data Cleansing

We assist in rationalising and optimising the data to be migrated, ensuring relevance & efficiency.

Efficient SCORM Migration

Migrate your existing SCORM content with ease.

Highly Scalable

Our service handles migrations of all sizes, from a few courses to 1,000’s of records.

Certificate Upload

Easily import certificates generated by your previous system.


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What our customers have to say about us

email archive migration escalator business people

What our customers have to say

“Although shortcuts would still work across the network after migrating to Microsoft 365, the prospect of maintaining a dedicated email archive on-prem was a non-starter. Essential worked out the best strategy for migrating our archived emails into Exchange Online.”

Stephen Appleby, at An Post
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What our customers have to say

“We did our research into migration methods, including manual extraction, which was deemed totally impractical. We had no issues and no surprises and achieved our objective to complete our migration earlier than scheduled.”

Enterprise Vault customer, financial organisation

What our customers have to say

“The migration approach certainly worked for us so we do not hesitate in recommending this approach to other organisations. We had no issues and no surprises and achieved our objective to migrate all archived email from EAS to the Exchange 2010 Online archive mailboxes. Essential delivered what was promised at the outset.”

IT manager, EAS migration to Office 365
New solution simplifies migrations for Email Journal Archives in Azure

What our customers have to say

“We had no issues and no surprises and achieved our objective to migrate all archived email. Essential delivered what was promised at the outset.”

Dorothy O’Regan, NUI Galway