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Manage access to a limited Zoom licence pool using resource booking software

Resource Booking

Optimising Use of Limited Video Conferencing Licences

In various industries, managing access to finite physical assets such as office space, parking spaces and equipment is crucial, and is typical of our customer base.

There are lots of different types of resources that can be managed, however.

For instance, our healthcare customers are using their resource management solution to manage access to consulting rooms and scanners, meanwhile luxury retailer Harrods is using their booking and digital signage system to manage its beauty treatment rooms efficiently.

While managing access to physical resources is vital, ensuring access to advanced software and IT infrastructure is increasingly essential in today’s business world, and such licences can be expensive.

For example, our customer Tindall Riley, the management company behind 5 insurance businesses, was able to use Resource Central to optimise a ‘pool’ of available Zoom host licences by making them a bookable resource.

This allowed their workforce to pre-book a Zoom host licence as and when they needed it, without the expense of buying a host licence for everyone in their organisation.

Of course, setting up this service can depend on the type of licence you need to manage access to. For example, a concurrent or ‘floating’ user licence is ideal for this use-case.

You will also benefit from getting visibility of how well your software licence is being used – enabling you to shrink (or expand) your licence count to meet demand.



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