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Workspace booking system migration :

Workspace Booking System Migration

Update your office booking & analytics platform


Do you have a desk and room booking system that’s no longer meeting your needs?

Speak to Essential about the latest technologies available and how you can switch your existing service to an alternative platform – including native Microsoft capabilities – with minimum fuss and optimal results.


The benefits of migrating your desk booking system

By upgrading your desk booking system you can address the following issues:

  • Scalability: Many workspace booking apps are great for SMEs, but can fail to meet enterprise needs
  • Platform refresh: You want to move from on-premises into the cloud
  • FM needs:  Your facilities team requires tools for managing bookings, catering, visitors, etc.
  • Microsoft 365 Integration: You need support for native Microsoft room bookings & Teams
  • Support: An absence of in-person, UK-based help makes it challenging to resolve issues.

What our service offers:

We start with a review of your current situation:

  • Have users stopped using your system? Why?
  • Are you getting the occupancy metrics you need?
  • Perhaps you simply need to make it easier for colleagues to connect in person….

We can then recommend options for a new system, and a migration service that includes:

  • Moving bookings to minimise disruption
  • Using existing digital signage such as Android, iOS & Evoko to reduce costs/waste
  • Updating or re-using floor plans to ensure the best UX
  • Providing onboarding assistance where needed.

Supported platforms

We support migration from a range of workspace booking systems, such as:

  • Rendezvous
  • Condeco (Eptura)
  • EMS
  • Any system that integrates with Exchange

We can also build on top of your existing Microsoft room booking processes to add a range of sophisticated related services including digital signage, visitor management and other facilities requests.


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What our customers have to say about us

Essential Reception Area Image

What our customers have to say

Our workspace booking system means we are able to accommodate our growing workforce without increasing our office footprint and the costs to the environment that this entails.

Sarah Wood, Executive Manager, United Trust Bank

What our customers have to say

Our newly re-worked office facilities and workspace booking system, puts us in good stead to offer a very attractive hybrid working environment to both existing and prospective employees.

Tilly McHugh, Operations Manager at Haysmacintyre LLP
Teams learning academy

What our customers have to say

“To help with the rollout of our socially distanced desk booking service, Essential provided us with Colart-branded ‘how to’ videos.  This, along with interactive floor-plans that reflect our company look and feel, will help our workforce quickly transition to a new way of using our workspace”

Claudio Toledo, Head of Project Management

What our customers have to say

“We didn’t want to have two separate systems. The solution has enabled us to keep working within our existing calendar system, but it gives us the additional structure and functionality we needed…Importantly, we can now also capture information that shows us how efficiently we are using our rooms and cars. We can also collect data for departmental costing purposes, such as catering.”

Kayvan Rahmani, RHP. Project Manager