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Man books meeting room with QR Code and mobile phone

Digital Signage

The lowest cost ‘Room Screen’ & ‘Desk Booking Device’ you’ll find

How to do contactless room & desk booking signage ‘on the cheap’

Sometimes installing room screens and individual desk devices throughout an office space can not only be cost-prohibitive, the job of running wiring (e.g. PoE) can be challenging, especially if you’re in a listed building with 30cm thick walls (like we are).

Now, since Covid-19 and the popularity of hybrid working, having a contactless way to make bookings and a quick way to roll out a workspace booking system are top priorities.

Introducing QR Codes

There’s now a virtually zero-cost ‘digital signage’ option to give staff instant meeting room and desk booking ‘in-situ’ using a system that’s more commonly associated with consumer advertising or ordering a Big Mac: QR codes.

QR codes are those curious little square 2D barcodes that can be found on adverts, menus, buses and many other objects.

Instead of using a screen or desk device, you can simply generate QR codes that link to the relevant resource booking URL*

How you present your QR codes is up to you:

  • Print them on a nice bit of card and mount or laminate them
  • Go fancy with a metal engraved plaque
  • Stick them next to the rooms, meeting booths or desks you want to make bookable

….and you’re ready to go!

All your staff need to do is scan the code using their mobile phone/device, which then links to your workspace booking system.

Simply by scanning the QR signs staff can:

  • View workspace availability including up-coming meetings
  • Make an on-the-spot booking
  • Quickly & easily check in, extend and check out of meetings.

Meanwhile your facilities team gets to make significant savings on screen and installation costs.

*PS – the ‘bit of magic’ that makes all this happen is having a desk or room booking system that supports QR codes – get in touch and we can tell you more about your options here.

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