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Teams Journaling & eDiscovery :


Compliance & eDiscovery for Microsoft Teams


Next Generation Microsoft Teams Compliance

If your organisation relies on Microsoft Teams for its collaboration, you can now ensure seamless capture of chats and shared documents combined with powerful tools for managing retention, eDiscovery & litigation readiness.

  • Capture conversations, in-meeting chats, memes, emojis, Gifys & shared files
  • Preserve in tamperproof storage
  • Manage data lifecycle with flexible retention, data residency options & defensible deletion
  • Apply dynamic, automated legal holds
  • Identify trends & anomalies.


The benefits of using our Microsoft Teams journaling solutions

Legal hold without the risk & complexity

Managing retention and eDiscovery of Teams chats using ‘native’ Microsoft 365 is complex.

For example, did you know that a copy of 1:1 Teams chats is written to a hidden location in personal mailboxes whereas Teams channel chats are stored in the corresponding group mailbox?   Also files shared in Teams are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint.

This means there’s no easy way to apply blanket retention policies for your Teams records.  There’s also the risk of losing valuable records if someone leaves the organisation and the legal hold for their deleted mailbox and OneDrive lapses.

Now you can capture conversations and other shared content, apply retention policies that reflect your needs, and perform advanced eDiscovery, without technical complexity.

Advanced analytics & business insights

Certain industries require communications are monitored to ensure compliance.

Our platform lets you define policies for flagging content that matches certain definable keywords, phrases, send/recipient combinations etc.

Advanced analytics and visualisation tools let authorised users look at overall context, sentiment and patterns, e.g., exposing ‘inside conversations’ and inappropriate content.

You can also gain valuable insights, including top senders/recipients, popular channels, and conversation topic trends.

Mapping uncovers business relationships, group memberships and social networks.

Get powerful, multi-source eDiscovery

For many organisations Teams is a fraction of their collaboration platforms.  For example, lockdown led many to use whatever was needed (e.g. Zoom, Slack) to ‘get the job done’.  

You can now capture Teams content alongside many other collaboration sources – enabling your eDiscovery and legal teams to work with a ‘single source of truth’ for all its communications and respond quickly and with confidence to any access requests.

  • Legal & eDiscovery teams can search across PBs of data in seconds (not hours or days)
  • AI & Machine Learning recognises persistent user commands & recurring patterns to identify data of potential interest
  • Case management tools facilitate data segregation, classification & collaborative review.

You can also start preserving relevant and responsive data when you anticipate litigation.


What our Microsoft Teams journaling service offers

Fast eDiscovery

Index content at blazing speeds. Perform eDiscovery searches using custodian, folder, keywords & metadata. Give your legal and business teams private areas to access and analyse data.

Scalable & reliable

Collects feeds from multiple locations, replicating your data in near real time between data centres. In the event of an outage, capture fails over to a secondary data centre to protect against data loss.


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What our customers have to say about us

What our customers have to say

“Love the simplicity of the service’s UI – setup took less than 30 minutes, and it just works. This is one of the simplest ways for us to achieve our offsite backup requirements. I can sleep well, knowing there’s an immutable copy of our VMs on Azure storage.”

Corey Coles, Manager, IT Systems at Virgin Hyperloop One
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“Archiving in Azure has been a reliable solution, delivering protection of our Office 365 data, and supporting our litigation and GDPR requirements.”

Steven Menmuir, Repsol Sinopec Resources UK Limited
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What our customers have to say

“We have more than 8,000 Exchange Online mailboxes journaling to our own Azure tenant.”

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