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Deliver secure access to Microsoft 365-hosted services

Streamline the process of delivering secure access to internal applications and information to contractors, customers and partners.

Guest access management for Microsoft

Streamline how you deliver services to external groups

Organisations the world over are seeing the many benefits of delivering information and online services to external partners, clients and specific groups in the public domain.

Now you can start using Microsoft SharePoint, Teams and other Microsoft-hosted services to add value to external users in a way that’s secure, optionally chargeable, branded and easily managed.

Examples include:

  • Partner training & eLearning
  • Office space subletting
  • SharePoint-based extranets
  • Subscriber-only content

Our extranet user manager lets you start sharing with confidence: delegating responsibility for managing who has access to ‘service owners’, whilst keeping your security framework fully managed by your security team.

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Delegate Access Management

Put the right people in charge of access control

Let the relevant stakeholders in your business look after managing who can access their services without compromising your underlying security settings.

Our extranet user management solution allows IT teams to set up a granular permission structure that delegates user management to the people that own the relationship with the external audience.

Far from being a risk, this ability helps ensure access rights are accurate and up-to-date, whilst eliminating the administrative overheads on the IT department.

Streamline the invitation & onboarding process

Bulk import contacts and group memberships and tailored email invitations make it quick and easy to get clients and partners up and running with the different services you want to offer.

Get visibility of all activity

All administrative tasks and user activity is fully audited in log files that can be extracted into reporting solutions such as Power BI.

  • Use SharePoint to create a fully branded extranet portal
  • Delegate extranet subscriber management to service/application owners
  • Import contact lists & send branded invitation emails to your extranet service
  • Offer a flexible, self-service registration & approval process
  • Capture information from your extranet into other business applications
  • Enable secure login using Microsoft 365 single sign-on or passcode-protection via email
  • Leverage Azure AD to manage guest access (but simplify the whole process)
  • Get detailed audits & user reporting

Create policies to ease management

Policies can be setup to manage the external access, for example, removing access after defined time-period.

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Example Use Cases

Address client-facing & internal needs

There’s so many ways in which you can save time managing access to SharePoint sites, Teams channels, SaaS Apps and more.  Here’s just a few examples:

Host membership-based content – Manage the user administration for invitation-only events, members-only portals or subscriber-based (paid-for) training or content using your Microsoft infrastructure.

Give secure access to internal apps – For example, extend your workspace booking system to contractors and partners.

Manage Microsoft 365 virtual events – If you would like to host a virtual event using Microsoft Teams, we can help you with a user registration process that maintains delegate anonymity.

Govern Teams & SharePoint site creation – If your Teams or SharePoint sites are getting out of control, our user manager lets you disable the self-service creation that is enabled by default and instead replace it with:

  • A forms-based request process
  • The ability to make new sites subject to approval
  • Tracking of existing sites & new site requests
  • Automated creation of the required SharePoint site & Team

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