We help Microsoft-centric enterprises fully adopt the cloud & adapt to new ways of working.
Digital Signage :

Workspace digital signage

Choose from a range of digital signage options to suit your budget, office design & technical preference.

  • Customise room screens with your own graphics, logos, fonts etc.
  • Use off-the-shelf screens to ease installation, support & replacements
  • Offer contactless operation for end user confidence
  • Choose simple QR signs or slick, RFID-enabled desk devices
  • Add signage to rooms that are booked in ‘native’ Microsoft, including Teams rooms.
Different types of desk booking devices

What our customers have to say about us

City and Guilds

What our customers have to say

From a business perspective it is vital that we make the move as pain-free as possible for our staff and that no emails go missing. Additionally, by re-housing all our legacy and ongoing email records in one solution, the City & Guilds Group stands to benefit from significantly reduced support overheads and operational costs

City and Guilds Switches Email Clouds

Ian Turfrey, Explained Director of IT at the City & Guilds Group

What our customers have to say

[Thanks to syncing AD with our HR system] there is now a greater confidence across the business that the information people now see in their iPhones and email is accurate, and manual data entry has all but been eliminated.

Andrew Dugdell, Business Systems Manager at Kumtor Gold Company (KGC)

What our customers have to say

The challenge was to migrate 11TB of Public Folders for our 5,000 users, which the Essential team carried out professionally with a minimum of downtime.

Kenneth Olsted, Norconsult AS
Essential Public Folder Migration Microsoft Shipping Giant Cover Image

What our customers have to say

“Thank you so much for a successful migration and all help and guidance on the way. You and your team have been very helpful throughout the project.”

Kenneth Olsted, Norconsult AS