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Performance Management

Managing performance in Teams – an IT director’s journey!

At Essential, we always believe in practicing what we preach and using the products we sell to our customers ‘in house’.  We call it ‘eating our own dog food’.

So last week I started working with our latest new product called Weekly 10, which is an employee performance management solution.

As a department focused on achieving outcomes, particularly in closing support calls satisfactorily, it can be easy to become task oriented. 

By that, I mean measuring performance against metrics such as response and resolution times, customer satisfaction ratings, and so on.

With Weekly 10 I’m hoping to be a lot more proactive in terms of overseeing and enhancing my team’s performance and development by exploring wider areas such as:

  • Between 1-10 do you feel you have access to the training resources you need?
  • Are there any key challenges you’ve faced over the last quarter?
  • How is your overall wellbeing? (I’ve yet to formulate the best questions to ask here)…

The great thing with Weekly 10 is that it all happens inside Microsoft Teams. 

I’ve had experience of working with similar performance management platforms that required me to logon to a totally separate system.

In short, integrating performance management check-ins into Teams makes it more likely that I’ll get an immediate – and frank – response. 

It should also be less disruptive to people’s working day.

According to studies, it can take 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to your original task after deviating three of these a day and you’ve lost over an hour of productivity.

I know it takes my brain longer with every year that goes by to ‘mentally switch’ between different tasks, let alone different platforms.

Which brings me onto the other benefit of Weekly10: I’ll be able to manage the review process and look at all the responses using a nice Teams integrated dashboard.

Watch this space for an update on how I get on!…


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