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Create a fantastic intranet in SharePoint

An attractive and easy-to-use intranet is a great way to keep your workforce and partner community engaged, well-informed and productive.

If you’re struggling to get the intranet you want from Modern SharePoint, or you want to update your Classic SharePoint site collections, we can help.

Essential can fast-track your SharePoint site development, providing the know-how, design skills, targeted training and if needed, a ‘layer of flair’ to deliver an intranet experience that is engaging for end users and easy for content providers to maintain.

The benefits of using our SharePoint services

Professional-looking SharePoint Intranet

Rapid results

Support your hybrid workforce with a SharePoint intranet that’s optimised for success.

Our SharePoint design services are aimed achieving rapid results, an on-brand experience and easy ongoing maintenance for contributors.

We can work with ‘vanilla’ SharePoint or layer in out-of-the-box templates and extra components that will transform your SharePoint experience and give the key people in your enterprise (e.g. the communications team) the power they need to build a SharePoint-based intranet to be proud of.

A sleek UX

Microsoft SharePoint templates are a good start, but sometimes overwhelming and difficult to ‘style up to reflect your brand.

We’re big believers in having a simple, impactful design that’s aligned with your business needs and is easy to ‘style up’.

Our technical and design teams will work with your key stakeholders to deliver the best architecture, optimal content editing experience, and, of course, the best end user experience.

Better engagement

An intranet is no good if no one enjoys using it, the content never changes or users can’t find what they need.

We make it easy to for your workforce to find what they need through well-thought-out navigation, visual cues and audience targeting.

Importantly, we will make sure your various content contributors are confident working with SharePoint.

Great-looking & secure extranets

If you’d like to create a professional-looking extranet using SharePoint, but don’t want to burden your IT team with administrating guest access, we can help.

Our extranet user management service lets you create a branded portal and an invitation process that partner/business managers can manage, whilst keeping the IT team fully in charge of security.


What to look for in a SharePoint services provider

What our customers have to say about us

What our customers have to say

“Early in our partnership I had the opportunity to meet with the Essential team at their UK offices. I was struck by their passion for their work, and their commitment to providing a top-notch client experience. Since that initial meeting, Essential has stayed true to those qualities and we continue to appreciate the ongoing commitment to providing the highest client value possible.”

Peter Carson, Founder and President, Envision IT

What our customers have to say

“On-line training means you don’t have to get a whole bunch of new starts in one room at the same time to do the training. It’s just more convenient.”

Gideon Tester, Business Digital Systems Manager, Altro Floors
Learning Management Secure Policing Cover Image

What our customers have to say

“1,076 people have visited the site, with visits in every hour of the day which shows the importance of learning and support resources being available 24/7 and on the go for our operational colleagues” Read more on LinkedIn>

Katy Livesey, Digital Training Manager at British Transport Police