PST migration keep it anyway just to be safe

“Let’s keep it anyway – just to be safe”

So we’ve all rejoiced at the prospect of being able to migrate our PST files into Exchange, even for free! But does anyone really relish the thought of migrating ALL of their PST files into Exchange? Probably not because;

  1. You end up moving old rubbish
  2. It will pound your network
  3. Users might not like it

Having worked with hundreds of customers to roll-out email archives, PST migration is always the painful final phase that often gets brushed under the carpet for the aforementioned reasons.


So is it acceptable to filter out the rubbish before you siphon it into your shiny new Exchange environment?

At the very least it’s surely prudent to get a policy agreed that will define your PST migration including whether to migrate;

  • Content that outdates your email retention policy
  • Folders marked ‘Personal’
  • Content that pre-dates your switch on of Journal capture
  • Duplicated PSTs

A PST migration project means bracing yourself for decisions about what to migrate and no-one likes decisions! But we like the advice from Craig Ball:


To Preserve broadly is safe, but expensive. To Preserve carefully is safe and cost-effective.


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Sara Appleyard