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Making Microsoft 365 a one-stop-shop for email records compliance

Have you been maintaining an email journal to date?  Are you wondering whether Microsoft 365 can provide a suitable replacement to journaling using Exchange on-premises or a third-party cloud?

If so, this eBook is essential reading!

Making Microsoft 365 a One-Stop-Shop for Email eDiscovery & Compliance eBook Cover

Published July 20, 2021


A brief overview

Put simply, email journaling is a way of creating a record or ‘shadow copy’ of all or a subset of your enterprise emails in one place.

Broadly speaking, journaling comprises two main components:

  1. An agent/rule that intercepts emails on the messaging backbone and directs a copy elsewhere.
  2. A single repository that stores one instance of the email, along with all the accompanying ‘envelope’ or address data
    I.e. To, From and anyone BCC’d or part of a email distribution list (DL) at the time of sending.

By preserving emails in this way (and not relying on the emails in question being present in individuals mailboxes, where they may be tampered with or deleted) organisations are in a better place to respond to legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements with confidence.

Discover how Microsoft 365 can ‘replace’ conventional journaling

With enhancements to its information management and eDiscovery capabilities, Microsoft 365 is arguably rapidly reaching the point where enterprises no longer need to journal email records on-premises or in third-party services in order to meet their compliance needs.

This eBook digs into exactly how Microsoft 365 can replace journaling.  It also offers organisations a ‘considerations roadmap’ for consolidating the many years’ worth of journal email records that they’ve captured to date into Microsoft 365.