Business Automation Solutions

Modernise your workplace by getting the most out of your investment in Microsoft Exchange & Office 365

Essential offers a range of solutions designed to help enterprises streamline room and resource booking, automate business form processing, ease collaboration and many other cost-saving applications.

Meeting Room & Desk Booking Solutions

Discover the easiest way to schedule your meetings & book hot-desks effectively. Book meeting rooms & desks on the spot or in advance from any device with unparallel visibility.

meeting room booking touch screens
learning management integrated into Office 365, Teams, SharePoint & Outlook for mobile users

Office 365 Learning Management Systems

Accelerate your company's productivity, compliance & onboarding by putting learning management on auto-pilot - directly from Office 365, SharePoint & Teams.

Advanced Web-based Calendaring

Give managers, group secretaries and co-workers an instant, graphical view of where people are, what they are doing, and when they are next available, along with vital contact details and ‘on-the-spot’ booking. 

Ideal for large or mobile organisations, the solution can be used to securely consolidate calendars across different parts of the company and rationalise time zones across countries.