Powerful Workflow & Data Exchange Capabilities

Email is the most effective means of communication in every organisation. FORMVERSE leverages an organisation’s existing investment in Microsoft® Exchange to provide a cost-effective platform for solving business challenges.

FORMVERSE is built on Microsoft® .NET, SQL Server, and Outlook technologies, as well as exploiting the advantages of XML and Web Services technologies. FORMVERSE leverages these technologies and Microsoft Exchange to provide a platform for automating forms, automating workflow, and capturing data in a highly-functional yet easy-to-use system. By leveraging the FORMVERSE patented Active Structured Email™ technology, organisations implementing FORMVERSE are able to greatly enhance other initiatives such as: Archiving, eDiscovery, Compliance, and modernization of legacy systems.

Key components include:


  • Forms – Simple to design and use as any office document, thanks to FORMVERSE support of Microsoft® InfoPath.
  • FORMVERSE Template Editor – This is a graphical tool that allows novice users to enter data-driven business rules that define the process.
  • FORMVERSE Admin Console – Implemented as a standard Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in, this module provides the administration interface for all FORMVERSE components and enabled completed forms and process templates to be verified and published with the click of a button.
  • FORMVERSE Outlook Client – A small add-on which provides transparent use of FORMVERSE-enhanced email from within Microsoft Outlook.
  • FORMVERSE Processing Engine – As defined by the business processing templates, the FORMVERSE engine extracts the data contained in a FORMVERSE email and applies the processing rules defined for that particular process; such as routing the email to the appropriate recipient(s), or inserting form data into a database.

Easy Integration with other Enterprise Applications

FORMVERSE can be used as an effective way to securely collect data, which can then be extracted based on recipient-defined processing rules and integrated with enterprise applications and databases. FORMVERSE PASSPORT is a module that works with the FORMVERSE BPA Software, enabling organisations to easily and powerfully integrate and exchange data between FORMVERSE Emails and other Enterprise Databases.


FORMVERSE PASSPORT implements a connector framework that is designed to provide common services that are required while designing extensible integration applications. These out of the box services include the following:

Data Encryption

Encryption & decryption for configurable text values is provided as part of the connector data protection services.

Event Notification & Scheduling

Connector modules can subscribe to an event notification service that will allow them to run and execute their desired task in a scheduled fashion.

Service Management & Configuration UI

The connector framework provides a pluggable architecture where custom connector adapters can be introduced and removed dynamically.

Persistent Connector Configuration

Any configurable component is written into a file, after being it is configured using the “Connector Task Configuration” user interface.

Input & Output Implementation

Default implementations for reading an input from a file and writing an output into a file are included with the connector framework.

Custom connector adapters can also provide extended implementations for different type of input and output mechanisms.

Windows Service

The connector framework runs as a windows service. By implementing a default windows service implementation that can process configured components of the connector framework, it facilitates the prompt deployment of custom connector adapters.


FORMVERSE PASSPORT provides mechanism for logging into a file.

XSLT Transformation Action: FORMVERSE PASSPORT provides default implementation for an XSLT based transformation action.

FORMVERSE Technical Requirements

FORMVERSE is a system that is installed on-premise. The following are the technical requirements for using the FORMVERSE software.

Client Side Requirements

Windows 7 or 8 (32 AND 64 BIT). Windows XP currently supported

Microsoft Outlook 2007 (32 BIT) or 2010 (32 OR 64 BIT) or 2013 (32 OR 64 BIT)

Server Side Requirements
Server Hardware

Physical Server or Virtual (VMware or Hyper-V)

Requires two VM’s for testing. Requires Remote Access for Installation/Configuration Assistance

Hard Drive Free Space: 20 GB

RAM: 3 GB (Recommended 4 GB)

Processor Speed: 2.0 GHz (Recommended 3.0 GHz)

Server Software

Microsoft .NET 3.5 or 4.X FRAMEWORK. Microsoft .NET 4.5.2 required if FORMVERSE PASSPORT is deployed

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard or 2008 Enterprise or 2008 R2 Standard or 2008 R2 Enterprise or 2013 Standard or 2013 Datacenter

Microsoft Exchange 2007 SP2 or 2010 or 2013

Microsoft IIS 6.0 or 7.0 (Recommended)

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Developer or 2008 Enterprise SP2 or 2008 R2 Enterprise SP2, or 2012 Enterprise or 2012 Enterprise SP1. SQL Server Express not supported.

Microsoft InfoPath 2010 or 2013 (Included with certain editions of Microsoft Office)

Microsoft Active Directory

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