Enterprise-grade Meeting room and Desk Booking System

The way we work has changed. Streamline your meeting room and desk booking processes to facilitate your modern workforce!

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Meeting Room & Resource Booking

Whether you need to schedule meeting rooms and resources (catering, seating layouts, AV equipment etc) in advance, or book a room on-the-spot, our solution delivers ease-of-use and clear utilisation visibility to take your estate optimisation to the next level.

Hot Desk Booking

Streamline your flexible working environment with 'in-advance' and 'on-the-spot' hot desk booking. We offer the widest range of options for pre- and ad-hoc booking, locating desks and co-workers, checking into/out of desks and authenticating desk check-ins.

Touch Screens

Choose from a wide range of flexible and affordable room touch screen options (including standard Windows and iOS devices) that integrate seamlessly with Outlook calendaring. Facilitate 'at-a-glance' views of room and desk availability, easy on-the-spot booking and check-in/out.

Ensure safe distancing in the workplace with managed desk booking..


Choose a true, enterprise-grade room & resource booking solution...

...that's built on your investment in Microsoft

Forget data syncing!  Essential’s solution builds on your existing Microsoft Exchange and/or Office 365 infrastructure and works straight from Outlook and Teams.

Whether you book your room using standard Outlook Calendar or Teams, you can:

  • Enable users to book additional resources, such as catering, seating layouts, parking & visitor passes
  • Give facilities & other service providers a portal for managing all bookings & requests
  • Use individual room screens & kiosk floor-plans to display all bookings 'on the day' and enable on-the-spot bookings and cancellations.


..and that fits your IT strategy: 

Host our solution on-premises or in the cloud - the choice is yours!  A Gold Microsoft partner with 28+ years experience, our support team can help with the  'wider' infrastructure issues you may encounter.

Room and Desk Booking Solution Build on Office 365

Zero double bookings

Use of native Exchange resources & real-time status checks means no risk of contention, however users go about booking their rooms.

Visible benefits to all concerned

Delivers highly tangible savings in real estate costs and catering expenses as well as a great time-saver for staff, and a professional service for all - including visitors!

A range of deployment options

Deploy in a 'traditional' on-premises configuration, or deliver as a SaaS delivered in your own Azure tenancy or ours, and get full control and transparency of your operations and data. 

Unlimited customisation

Customise screens with your own colour schemes, logos, imagery and floor plans and enable booking of virtually any resource you might want to optimise and manage the use of.

Tight security

Uses the same security features and levels already configured in your Active Directory and Exchange/Office 365 infrastructure, massively simplifying management.

Reporting & analytics

Granular utilisation reports let you take the necessary decisions to streamline your facilities management further & prove ROI.

First-class support

Get on-demand, personalised support from our UK-based support team & dedicated customer account manager.

Business continuity

Using your Microsoft infrastructure means failover & protection against obsolescence is built-in.

Ready to optimise your meeting room & desk scheduling?