Enterprise-grade Meeting room and Desk Booking System

Our solution streamlines how your workforce book meeting rooms and desks

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Meeting Room & Resource Booking

Whether you need to schedule meeting rooms and resources (catering, seating layouts, AV equipment etc) in advance, or book a room on-the-spot, our solution delivers ease-of-use and clear utilisation visibility to take your estate optimisation to the next level.

Desk Booking

Our desk booking solution enables you to implement a flexible working environment with 'in-advance' and 'on-the-spot' hot desk booking. Check-in using a range of low-cost devices, mobile 'phones and industry-standard touch screens.

Touch Screens

Choose from a wide range of flexible and affordable room touch screen options that integrate seamlessly with Exchange and Office 365 calendaring. Facilitate 'at-a-glance' view of room and desk availability and on-screen booking and check-in/out.

True, Enterprise-Grade Solution

Built on your investment in Microsoft

Forget data syncing!  Essential’s solution builds on your existing Microsoft Exchange and/or Office 365 infrastructure and works straight from Outlook, delivering:

  • Booking in advance - Book rooms, desks, catering, equipment, visitor badges, seating layouts, parking, etc, from within your familiar Outlook calendaring service.
  • Booking on the day - Give real-time visibility and enable on-the-spot bookings via touch screens that link with Outlook calendar in real time.


Build on Office 365

Deployment Options

Deploy on-premises or in Azure and get full control and transparency of your operations and data. Transition to the cloud when you're ready!

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Access control

There is no need to configure access rights. Speed up deployment by using your existing Active Directory settings to provide appropriate access to the right roles. 


Product Security

Eliminate security considerations by using the same security features and levels already configured in your Exchange & Office 365 infrastructure.


Unlimited Customisation

Customise screens with your own floor plans and enable booking of all your specific resources, including visitor parking, AV equipment, catering and more. 


First-Class Support

Get on-demand, personalised support from our UK-based support team & dedicated account manager.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Granular utilisation reports empower you to take the necessary decisions to streamline your facilities management further and prove ROI.


Flexibility & Adaptability

By building on your existing Exchange & Office 365 you get the flexibility & agility to grow as your business evolves.   

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Business Continuity

Using regular Outlook calendar and other Microsoft-standard infrastructure means failover and protection against obsolescence is built-in.

Organise Video Conferencing meetings with ease!

Because end users make use of Outlook calendar to book their meetings, Skype for Business integration comes as standard.

So go ahead and make use of Skype for Business meetings without having to take additional steps!

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visitor managemement meeting room booking solution

Visitor Management

Way-finder room listings in reception areas and status screens outside rooms help visitors easily locate their meetings. but also create a great impression on your company.

Our solution includes a guest registration service designed to automate visitors' registration while easing the administration and security involved in managing them.

Book any additional resources

Find the right room and request any additional services such as AV equipment, catering, seating arrangements, visitor badges, parking and so on.

Easily navigate available rooms and desks according to location and facilities.  See photos and other details such as capacity, layout, built-in equipment and directions, to help with your selection.


Your Benefits

Accurate Reporting

Services that include authenticated check-in will help you understand exactly how your resources are being used & pinpoint where savings can be made.  You can also take proactive action against 'no-shows' & release otherwise wasted resources.


Save Costs

Ensuring that you’re using meeting rooms, desks and other services and facilities in the most efficient way possible leads to highly tangible savings in real estate costs, catering expenses and staff time.

Zero double bookings

Use of standard Exchange resources and real-time status checks means there's no risk of contention.

Low Maintenance

By building on your Microsoft-standard infrastructure with the option of an on-premises, Azure or hybrid service, you get a solution that's easy to support and scale, enterprise-wide.

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