Enterprise-grade Meeting room and Desk Booking System

The way we work is changing. Streamline your meeting room and desk booking processes to facilitate your modern workforce!

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Meeting Room Booking

Whether you need to schedule meeting rooms and resources (catering, seating layouts, AV equipment etc) in advance, or book a room on-the-spot, our solution delivers ease-of-use and clear utilisation visibility to take your estate optimisation to the next level.

Desk Booking

Our desk booking solution enables you to implement a flexible working environment with 'in-advance' and 'on-the-spot' hot desk booking. Check-in using a range of low-cost devices, mobile phones and industry-standard touch screens.

Touch Screens

Choose from a wide range of flexible and affordable room touch screen options that integrate seamlessly with Exchange and Office 365 calendaring. Facilitate 'at-a-glance' view of room and desk availability and on-screen booking and check-in/out.

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True, Enterprise-Grade Solution

Built on your investment in Microsoft

Forget data syncing!  Essential’s solution builds on your existing Microsoft Exchange and/or Office 365 infrastructure and works straight from Outlook.

..delivered according to your computing strategy.

Host our solution on-premises, in your own Azure cloud or opt for SaaS - the choice is yours!

Build on Office 365

Zero double bookings

Use of native Exchange resources & real-time status checks means no risk of contention.

Save Costs

Leads to highly tangible savings in real estate costs, catering expenses & staff time.

Deployment Options

Deploy on-premises, in Azure or as a SaaS and get full control and transparency of your operations & data. 

Unlimited Customisation

Customise screens with your own floor plans & enable booking of virtually any resource.

Product Security

Uses the same security features & levels already configured in your Active Directory & Exchange & Office 365 infrastructure.

Reporting & Analytics

Granular utilisation reports let you take the necessary decisions to streamline your facilities management further & prove ROI.

First-Class Support

Get on-demand, personalised support from our UK-based support team & dedicated account manager.

Business Continuity

Using regular Outlook calendar & other Microsoft infrastructure means failover & protection against obsolescence is built-in.

Ready to optimise your meeting room & desk scheduling?