Meeting Room, desk & resource booking designed specifically for your Microsoft Exchange & Office 365 environment.

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Streamlining how meeting rooms, hot desks & other resources are used has never been easier - or more readily adopted across the entire enterprise.

Take advantage of your existing investment in Microsoft Outlook & Exchange/Office 365 and Teams to achieve the optimal user experience, simplified support, high performance and enterprise-grade scalability.

Our resource essentials solutions have been developed from the 'ground up' to run in your Microsoft environment, which means that issues like security, calendar privacy, delegate access, cross-time zone timings, integration with Microsoft conferencing, duplicate meetings, etc, are all taken care of.

Familiar UI - Minimises learning curve, no separate login

Standard resources - Stops double bookings

Multi-bookings - E.g. partitioned rooms, video conferencing rooms

Proven Infrastructure - Reduces COO

On-premises or in the cloud - Simply choose the service model that suits you.

Central security -  SSO - Uses Windows auth and AD access rights/privileges

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Hosted On-Premises or in the Cloud

Deploy the solution on-premises or in Azure - whichever best suits your IT strategy.

You can also start with a fully on-premises solution and transition to the cloud as your strategy evolves.

Essential's experienced technical team will take the lead in getting your service up and running and empowering your team to get the most out of your investment.

Our Essential Plus option includes monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, health checks and re-configuration to keep your service running smoothly.

You'll find our expertise extends well beyond the solution itself.  We can advise on general networking and security issues, and even best practices when it comes to designing a great service that works well for your enterprise.


Discover how our technology can be implemented to streamline your room & desk booking processes.

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Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling

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Order Additional Resources for your Meetings

You can order any extra services or resources for your meeting using our fully tailorable, integrated form.

Simply schedule your meeting using Outlook or Teams.  You can then request or amend resources later via an email confirmation which links to the relevant order form.

You can also use our Outlook add-in or App to select workspaces according to location, facilities, seating numbers, etc.  You then have the option of booking extra resources at the same time or via the confirmation email.

Your order forms can include virtually any resource you want to offer (and can be tailored on a per location/room/workspace basis):

  • Catering, menu options and service times
  • Notes about allergens and other dietary requirements
  • Visitor passes
  • Parking
  • Seating layouts
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Cost centre information

.. the list is endless.

From a wide array of touch screens and other devices

Book meeting rooms and hot desks from a wide range of flexible and affordable room touch screen options and devices that integrate seamlessly with Exchange and Office 365 calendaring.

Facilitate 'at-a-glance' view of room and desk availability and on-screen booking and check-in/out.

No other solution offers as much choice and functionality.

Individual Room Screens Aura Glow Touchscreen
visitor managemement meeting room booking solution

Ease your visitors with a lasting impression

Help your visitors with self-check-in kiosks, way-finder room listings in reception areas and status screens outside rooms.

Allow your team to print visitor badges on the spot and notify interested parties rights away.

Create great impressions on your company and expand security.

Support & licensing options

On-premises or cloud implementation 

Planning, Screen Design & Training

Perpetual or subscription license 

Standard or advanced support packages

Essential Support

  • Software Support
  • Version Assurance
  • Screens Warranty

Essential+ Support

  • Software Support
  • Version Assurance
  • Screens Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Health checks
  • Unlimited configuration

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Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling