Resource Management from Outlook

Manage your additional meeting resources and services such as AV equipment, catering, seating arrangements, visitor badges, parking and everything else in one streamlined process.

Simple and Flexible Management of Resources

Whenever you book a room or workspace, it's likely you'll want to order additional services or equipment such as projectors, catering, seating layouts, visitor passes and parking, teleconferencing services, and so on.

Our order forms let you streamline this process, making it massively simplified for both end users and the staff responsible for providing the services on offer.

Order forms can be associated with any standard Outlook meeting room and other resources you've defined in Exchange (on-premises or online).

They can be automatically emailed following a successful booking, and customised based on the individual meeting room, location - even country - to reflect the available services with that resource.

It's also easy to tailor your forms to:

  • reflect your corporate branding
  • show available menu options
  • display advice about nutrition and allergens
  • capture cost centre information
  • specify multiple catering service times (e.g. coffee at 10am & 11:30am)
  • capture dietary requirements, including allergens
  • make arrangements for visitors
  • etc
meeting room advance booking form solution
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Automate Resource Request Workflow

When an order form is completed, email notifications go to all relevant internal and external facilities staff, including catering, the IT team, porters, reception staff, cleaners, etc.

Behind-the-scenes, all the workflow, request status updates, administration and reporting needed to streamline your company’s resource management needs are taken care of.

Any amendments made by end users (e.g. to decrease or increase delegate numbers) are automatically tracked and consolidated for the catering team - avoiding confusion and waste!

There's also a wizard to help you build your ordering rules management and forms.

You can also build in rules relating to your resources, such as:

  • Always include a 30 minute buffer time for clean up between meetings
  • Do not permit catering bookings < 24 hours before the meeting start
  • Only allow catering to be booked by defined staff at a certain level (in AD)

Car park & pool car management

A combination of high property costs, flexible working practices and green initiatives have had a significant impact on the amount of parking that companies are making available.

Having better processes for managing the process of booking parking spaces and optimising its usage is therefore vital.

Our solution lets you streamline the management of your car parking spaces and pool cars, allowing you to reserve guest spaces, request disabled parking spaces, and manage car fleet and personnel parking.

Long-term and short-term management of car parking spaces

Manage on-site personnel and visitors

Easy deployment

Full of Cars Car Parking

Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling

Precision Room & Resource Booking for Office 365

What our customers say

Renishaw room & desk booking system Office 365

In the past the process of preparing for a customer visit involved lots of phone calls and email traffic to ensure everything would be in place. By adding the process of booking resources into the standard Outlook appointment booking service we anticipate a lot of staff time will be saved.

Brian Lyall, Renishaw

IT Development Manager

Benefits of using our Resource Management solution

Build around your enterprise policies

Define resources and available options based on your policies such as buffer times for set up and clear down, deadlines for booking catering, role-based auto-acceptance, etc.

Highly customisable

Settings are highly customisable and can be varied based on the individual meeting room, building, location or even country and with form branding available.

End users never switch away from Outlook

Our deep Exchange & Office 365 integration means that all additional services and resources are booked like a normal Outlook meetings.

Super fast and time saving

Using Outlook for scheduling the resources makes it super fast to book and amend services. For example facilities staff can simply drag and drop meetings from one room to another.

Amend bookings with ease

Making amendments to requests (such as changes to catering numbers or moving to a new room) is simple for both end users and service providers.


Get reminders of imminent meetings and view all future bookings in one place. Notifications back to the original requester for any amendments made.

Reduce waste

Any amendments made to the booking automatically notifies the services providers, such as catering, to avoid scenarios of over-catering.

Get full control on costs

With cost coding and reduction in waste, the solution provides you with the ability to fully control and reduce the costs of additional resources.

Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling