Visitor Management

Manage visitors efficiently and securely as they arrive and enhance their experience with your company. Our solution enables your enterprise to always give the right impression!

Entering, tracking, and managing visitors effectively is key to maintaining the safety of your building and improving the visitor experience.

Bookings for parking spaces and any special requests that will make a visitor’s stay more comfortable, such as providing assistance for a disabled visitor, can be made in advance using our Exchange-integrated resource booking software.

On the day of their visit, our guest registration service includes:

Visitor listings

Security management

Badge creation

Badge scanning

Automated arrival notifications

Self-service arrival notifications

All this is rolled into a dedicated reception portal that integrates with Microsoft Outlook, so the interface is familiar to personnel and easy to use.

Meanwhile integrated display screens help visitors locate meeting rooms and project a slick and efficient working environment.

rc front desk screen

Check-in and Registration Kiosks

Reception is able to notify the meeting organisers of a visitor's arrival simply by checking them in the system.

This saves the reception time and enables hosts to greet their visitors in a timely fashion.

Automatic triggered email notifications for meeting organisers

Visitors able to self-check-in and self-register

Perfect for un-manned receptions

Visitor Badges for advanced security

Whenever a meeting is booked, staff can provide external guest information, including name, company and any special requirements (such as 'VIP visitor').

This information feeds into a weekly and daily visitor register that can be made available to reception staff and security.

Enable reception staff to print badges on the fly

Visitors, using self-registration, can print their badge on-the-spot

Out-of-the-box badge designs with new badge styles when needed

3d illustration. White blank ID badge with place for photo and text. Mock up. Isolated white background

Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling