Social distancing as we return to the office.

When we start return back to the office, we will need new ways to manage and track how workspaces are used in order to minimise risk to the workforce.

As with enabling remote working, technology will play a vital role in helping orchestrate a safe return to work:  Underpinning the delivery of updated policies and training, enabling track and trace, controlling workspace occupancy and hygiene....these are just some of the services that will help reassure staff and help make workspaces 'Covid-Secure' as they come back to the office.

Working with Essential you can build on your investment in Office 365 and other Microsoft infrastructure to add vital workspace management, data capture and training capabilities:

Put A Safe Distance Between Desks

Configure all bookable desks and other workspaces to observe the 2 metre rule.

Shrink Meeting Room Occupancy

Adjust all meeting room capacities to enable safe social distancing.

Eliminate Touching Screens

Allow staff to check in and make bookings without using touch screens - e.g. using RFID cards, Outlook or their own mobile device.

Allow for Servicing

Add buffer times between bookings to allow for cleaning, with the option to automatically send cleaning requests to facilities staff on ending a booking.

Track Occupants

See who was in the office and what desk or room they used on any given day in the event you need to assist with contact tracing.

Reverse Hoteling

Enable resources to be freed up when the usual occupant is on holiday or away for a length of time.  Ideal for designated car parking spaces!

Minimise Costs

Achieve flexible and practical solutions without significant outlay.  Start with desk booking signage that's as simple as a printed QR code.

Update Policies & Training

Communicate new policies, procedures and training materials to all or selected staff members using Teams and SharePoint.

Track Engagement

Set questionnaires & capture acceptance in order to ensure your safety messaging has been received and understood.

Get in touch today to see how our workspace booking and structured training and communications systems designed for Office 365 can be used to help keep your workforce safe as they return to work.

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