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Leverage the Time and Cost-saving Potential of your Enterprise AD

Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) is probably the most successful and widely adopted directory solution today, it enables comprehensive, flexible, and secure management of users, systems and applications via business-defined policies.

Directify is a web-based application that leverages the potential of your AD to deliver a range of time-saving and value-add services such as, enabling users to manage their own AD information (‘phone numbers, photos and emergency contact details, etc), secure delegation of AD group membership management, and capturing staff ID card details into AD for integration with building and network security applications.

Easy for Admins

Directify dynamically reads your Active Directory schema.

All the administrator has to do is modify the user form to include the new attributes and Directify will make sure the entry fields match the schema requirements.

Easy for Users

Giving staff access to the Directify service is easy.  You can simply send a link to a Directify portal via email or provide a permanent link via the company intranet or your Microsoft SharePoint server.

You can also customise Directify to match your corporate look and feel.

Self-service AD Update Applications

Self-Service Password Reset

Studies indicate that the helpdesk overhead of resetting passwords equates to £15-20 per request.

Directify eliminates this cost by providing a secure, web-based self-service facility via which they can reset forgotten passwords.

Users can enroll in tbe auto password reset service by giving responses to configurable security questions such as ‘Mother’s maiden name’, favourite colour, etc.  The answers are encrypted and stored in the user’s AD object.

In the event that a user forgets their password, they can use any browser to securely reset their password or unlock their account, significantly reducing downtime and reducing the burden on the help desk.

Self-Service Profile Maintenance

All email directories have the ability to store end user contact information however maintaining this data can be a big, expensive and often error-prone administrative undertaking.

Directify makes this process more efficient by providing a secure, web based portal via which users can update their own AD details.

Administrators can define exactly which attributes users have control over. This would typically be contact telephone numbers, location, etc.

It could also include any custom attributes your organisation wishes to introduce, such as skill sets, thumbnail photo, sports interests, emergency contact details, car sharing details, etc.

Responsibility for managing profile information can also be delegated to named users. For example, a departmental secretary could be given permission to update details on behalf of busy co-workers.

Self Service ID Card to AD Enrollment

Studies indicate that the helpdesk overhead of resetting passwords equates to £15-20 per request.

When looking for a quick and convenient way for its staff to authenticate with its screen-based room and desk booking system, our customer wanted to use its existing building security cards, but the existing system was totally separate from Windows authentication and AD.

Using on-screen instructions and industry-standard card-reader technology, staff could be guided through the process of registering their Card and then entering their Windows credentials.

Directify was then used to securely store the card credentials alongside the relevant AD record for the card holder, enabling future bookings and check-ins with a simple card swipe.

Self Service AD Interface & Supported Directories

Interface Features

  • Installed and operational in less than 5 minutes
  • Major browsers supported IE (10 or better), Chrome & Firefox
  • Complete configuration through a web browser
  • Full templating support. Built in form editor
  • No Cookie – session management
  • SMTP notification of events
  • syslog support
  • Thumbnail JPEG photo support
  • No need to set individual user account permissions
  • AES256 encryption of sensitive data

Self Service Supported Directories

  • Support for ALL LDAP directories (Active Directory, Open LDAP, Active Directory (2008 or later) Domain Controller, ADAM etc).
  • Directify includes a pre-configured template for Active Directory, Exchange & AD LDS attributes. Additional directory type templates will be included in a future release.
  • LDAP v3 support with SSL.
  • Support for custom and non-standard LDAP schemas.

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