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 Take advantage of the LMS365 freemium licence offer and experience first hand the benefits of working with a learning platform that’s part of your Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

What is an LMS (Learning Management System)?

Why enterprises need an LMS more than ever

Now that many of us are working remotely, the ability to deliver training and other important information in a way that is relevant, trackable and timely is vital.

This is especially the case when:

  • Onboarding new starts
  • Maintaining certifications
  • Meeting personal & team development goals

A learning management system lets you wrap structure and workflow around all your training content, enabling you to:

  • Deliver relevant training in a timely manner
  • Check your content has been read & understood
  • Flag when individuals are falling behind their goals
  • Keep mandatory certifications up-to-date
Deliver structured training & support to your hybrid workforce


Why ‘made for Microsoft 365’ is important.

Unlike other LMSs that are simply linked to from Microsoft 365, LMS365 is part of Microsoft 365.

This means that training and development is enmeshed in the day-to-day working experience, making it easy to access and very engaging.

Access rights, remote security, integration with Teams, SharePoint, calendaring and workflows…it’s all ‘built in’. There’s no separate environment or components to manage.

For example, you can organise and host hybrid training courses using Microsoft Teams.

Learning ‘in the flow of work’

Access underpinned by Microsoft 365

Flexible beyond your imagination

What does the freemium version of LMS365 give me?

The freemium version is a full LMS365 licence that lets you deliver up to 8 courses for up to 100 new user enrolments EACH MONTH (for an unlimited time).

What do you get with the freemium offer?


What can we use it for?

If you choose the right ‘use case’, we think this freemium licence is a great opportunity to get real value.

Good examples are:

  • You already have an LMS but you’d like to explore the benefits of one that’s delivered inside Microsoft 365
  • You want to offer training to partners.
  • There’s a particular subject, such as workplace safety updates that your FM team would like to manage and deliver.

There’s many more…..

What’s the catch?

There’s of course the old mantra that there’s ‘no such thing as a free lunch’.

The same could be said of this freemium licence in that:

  • Your IT team will need to get involved to gain access.
  • You’ll need to upload some training content.
  • Adding more courses and users per month will incur costs.

We will explain how all this works & help every step of the way.

Let us help you make the most of this offer:

The premier partner for LMS365 in the UK, Essential can answer any questions you or your HR or IT teams have, and help get you:

a.   Establish a good ‘use case’
b.   Quickly build a working system
c.   Launch & track engagement


Don’t miss out on this offer…..

Delivering remote and hybrid learning & development for your new hybrid workforce is more important than ever before.

Contact us today to find out how building on your Microsoft 365 investment will help.