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Microsoft Active Directory Monitoring & Reporting Dashboard

Save time managing Active Directory with the award winning Compass

Single Concise Tool

Compass is a unique and innovative systems management tool that combines all the key elements for Active Directory monitoring and reporting delivered in a single easy to use dashboard.

Proactive Monitoring

Continuous verification of core AD services. Compass keeps an eye on all the key services including: Netlogon, AD Domain, DHCP, DNS, KKDC, and Time. Operating system monitoring – components such as disk space, memory, CPU and memory usage.

Stay Up & Running

Compass helps ensure that your AD infrastructure is configured correctly and stays compliant. It also checks to see that all vital components of your AD (domain controllers) are functioning correctly.

Replication Monitoring

Replication issues are not always easy to uncover. Compass makes it easy by notifying you if there is an issue.

Name Resolution Verification

Compass automatically validates your Domain Controller DNS settings.

Reduce Repetition

Save time by reducing repetitive and complex tasks associated with AD Management.

AD Monitoring & Reporting

COMPASS Advantages


LDAP and UDP Port verification – These ports are essential for DNS and Time services to function.
Configurable monitor of Windows Services
Operating System Monitoring (Disk Space, CPU, and Memory)
Windows Event Reporting
Best Practice AD Event monitoring – Special filter created on critical AD events. This helps keep the noise down of standard Windows Event alerting. It takes the guess work out of which events to select.
Windows Patch and update Reporting – Makes it easy to identify DCs that are missing a patch or Windows update.


Active Directory Reporting – Compass contains over 50 reports.
User Configuration Reporting
Account Activity Reporting – Recently created, modified, inactive reporting. AD disabled, locked out, expired, must change password at next log-on
Group Access Reporting – Domain Admin, largest and unmanaged groups
AD Site Topology Reporting – FSMO, Site, Site Links, Subnets by Site reporting
AD Computer Reporting – Recently created, modified and deleted computers. Computers not logged in 30 days, etc.


Proactive DNS and Name Resolution Tests & Alerts
DNS functionality verification – Alerts if any domain controllers had an invalid DNS record.
DNS Host record check – Verifies if all SRV host records are correct.
DNS Domain record check – Verifies if all SRV Domain records are correct.
DNS Forest record check – Verifies if all SRV Forest records are correct.


Proactive FRS and DFS Functionality tests and alerts – If FRS and DFS are broken, group policy and security templates will not be implemented.
DFS Sysvol Replication
DFS Replication
DFS Namespace
DFS Functionality – Drops file into Sysvol and verifies it is transferred to each DC.

Time Alerts & Settings

Proactive AD Time verification Tests & Alerts – AD Time issues can surface when you add DCs to your network.
Win32 Time Sync mode
Hyper V Host Time Setting
VMWare Host Time Setting


Proactive AD Replication Tests
DC Replication Verification
Site Replication Verification


AD LSASS monitoring
AD Partition Backup verification – Verifies that AD was backed up.


Microsoft Active Directory Proactive Monitoring with Compass

COMPASS delivers comprehensive monitoring & management of your Microsoft Active Directory environment.


  • LDAP port test
  • UDP port verification
  • Global Catalog port listening
  • DNS connectivity test

AD Core

  • Active Directory Time Service
  • Replication monitoring
  • Backup verification
  • LSASS monitoring


  • Netlogon
  • DHCP, DNS, and DFS
  • Kerberos Key Distribution Center
  • Manual configuration of additional services

Operating System

  • Disk Space Monitoring
  • CPU and Monitoring
  • System & Application log
  • Windows Update & Patches

Name Resolution

  • DNS settings verification
  • DNS Domain record verification
  • DNS Forest record check


Active Directory Reporting with Compass

COMPASS contains over 50 of the most commonly-requested reports and gives you the ability to customise the reports or create new ones.


  • Home drive
  • Logon script
  • Fine-grained password policies
  • Disabled and locked out accounts


Administrative group membership Top 10 largest groups Unmanaged and empty groups Groups by managers


Activity Last logon time Inactive User logons Users that have never logged on Users who must change password at next logon

Operating System

Computers by last logon time Group Policy Modified computers Site, Subnets and links

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