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Monitor & Report on your Exchange servers

Exchange Management

Capture the real-time health and metrics of your entire Exchange infrastructure and do ‘drill down’ reporting to plan, audit and secure your environment.

Simplify admin & support

Working in a hybrid environment means you need to deal with configuration, co-existence and management of two completely different systems. One in the cloud and one on-premises. By delivering powerful and customisable dashboards that merge Exchange and Office 365 in one screen, your team can see at a glance when there’s a problem escalating and get guidance and tips for a speedy analysis and resolution. You can also ensure consistency across your environment.

Detect un-needed data

Now you can identify stale resources in Exchange, such as orphaned and empty Public Folders and Shared Mailboxes.  Having a clean-up will reduce your operational burden and ease any future migrations.  It will also help reduce your security and compliance risk.

Ensure strong & consistent security

Knowing what a user is doing within their own mailbox or someone else’s mailbox and identifying any attempts to circumvent security controls or leak data to the outside world is essential to meeting your compliance and security remit.

We can give you the most comprehensive view into the access rights that have been assigned – and how they’re changing – at every level of Exchange and Office 365. You can also verify the same policies that already exist on-premises are configured in the cloud, for example, for managing in-place hold, mobile device and unified messaging usage.

Plan for on-premises growth or justify a cloud migration

Exchange is an ever-growing, ever-changing ecosystem. New Mailboxes, Public Folders, and Distribution Lists are created every day, yet rarely deleted. As well as cleaning up what you don’t need, you can now forecast growth trends to establish your optimum future strategy and budget needs. For example, you might determine that your most cost-effective route going forward is to migrate to the Cloud and eliminate ongoing capital expenditure.

Exchange Environments

Exchange Monitoring & Reporting

Exchange environments are a challenge to manage – with administrators effectively having to use different techniques and aggregate information from two different systems to get an enterprise-wide view.

We can help you proactively monitor your Microsoft Exchange environment and get deep visibility and real-time alerts across both environments and all vital co-existence services, including:

  • Mail flow testing
  • Checking Hub Transport, Client Access and Edge Transport server roles
  • Verifying directory synchronisation & calendar federation is working
  • Active Directory and ADFS
  • Certificate checking
  • Checking DAG health
  • Detecting RPC latency issues

Exchange Environments

Migrating to Office 365

Getting the pre-migration analysis and information you need to help plan an Office 365 migration can involve some considerable time and effort using native Microsoft tools. Understanding what needs to move first, delegate access permissions, mailbox sizes,

We can put hundreds of reports at your fingertips, including:

  • Old and ‘cold’ content that you may wish to exclude from your migration to Office 365
  • Mailbox and attachment sizes and quotas
  • Public folder sizes
  • Non-matching UPN & SMTP reports
  • Outlook versions in use
  • Users sending on behalf of other users.

We can also check performance and latency as you run your migration.

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