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Microsoft SharePoint Monitoring & Reporting Dashboard

Eliminate SharePoint downtime with the award winning Foresite

Avoid Costly Downtime

Foresite delivers the critical information you need to manage SharePoint proactively and avoid outages that can seriously impact key business applications.g.

Easy & Effective Monitoring

Foresite automatically monitors critical SharePoint services, such as Site Availability, Timer Jobs, Search & Index service, and content databases. All of SharePoint’s underlying core technologies are also proactively monitored including IIS, Active Directory and SQL.

Customisable Reporting

Foresite’s advanced reporting provides both the real-time data and historical trending you need to optimise system performance, improve service levels, plan for the future and get clear visibility into your company’s SharePoint platform.

Vital Information at-a-glance

Foresite’s web-based One Look dashboard makes it easy for you to monitor all your environmental vital components with a quick glance at a single screen – even from your mobile phone.

Custom Alerts

Foresite can be set up to send email alerts to notify your team of an impending problem with SharePoint.

Expert Approved

Feedback from SharePoint MVPs and technology leaders from around the world has helped to create this innovative solution.

Going beyond generic monitoring for SharePoint with Foresite

Foresite delivers comprehensive monitoring on all the key components of your Sharepoint environment. Here are the key areas Foresite monitors:


  • Site Status
  • Time Job Status
  • Search/Index Service testing
  • Content Database State


  • DNS Testing
  • Active Directory verification
  • Management System verification
  • AD Replication check


  • Auto Configured Services
  • Manual Configuration of additional Services

Operating System

  • Disk Space monitoring
  • Resource monitoring
  • Event monitoring

Sharepoint Core

  • IIS Status
  • SQL Status
  • Log Status
  • Full Backup Status

Comprehensive reporting of your SharePoint server with Foresite

Foresite brings you the ability to pull up all sorts of reports about your SharePoint server, from total number of Microsoft document to InfoPath Forms by Item count, thus delivering comprehensive monitoring and reporting on all the key components in your SharePoint environment.


  • Total Number of Documents
  • Total MS Word Documents
  • Total MS Excel Documents
  • Total MS PowerPoint Documents
  • Total Zip, PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF Files
  • Total Size of All Documents


  • Contact List by Item Count
  • Announcement Lists by Item Count
  • Event List by Item Count
  • InfoPath Forms by Item Count
  • Tasks by Item Count
  • List and Documents Libraries by Item Count

Portal / Site

  • Portal by Number of Users
  • Portal Overview
  • Sites Overview
  • All Sites by Number of Users

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