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Workspace utilisation reporting

Get the information you need to plan your modern workspace

Against a backdrop of increasing real-estate costs, environmental and Covid-19 safety concerns, and a predicted trend towards more remote working, tracking and optimising how your available workspace is being used is essential.

Granular utilisation reports let you take the necessary decisions to streamline your facilities management and real-estate utilisation and prove ROI to the business.

Get accurate utilisation reports

See exactly how rooms and other workspaces are being utilised. The ability to enforce authenticated check-in leads to a high degree of accuracy.

Justify workspace restructuring

Capture additional information such as cost codes, pricing, etc at the time of booking using Outlook-integrated forms.

Eliminate waste

By defining a check-in time-window (e.g.10 minutes after start time), you can release rooms for use by other staff in the event of a no-show. You can also send reminders and make it easy to update catering numbers.

Create a professional image

Combine a range of digital signage devices, fully tailorable design and messaging, and multiple contactless interfaces to deliver a great workspace booking experience for staff and visitors alike.

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Workspace & Resource Optimisation for the Modern Enterprise

Improve your bottom line, eliminate waste and help ensure workforce safety by ensuring that you’re using your available workspace in the most efficient and secure ways possible.

Understand how your workspace works

Track exactly how your office space is being used & plan accordingly

Easy, authenticated check-in eliminate no-shows & capture accurate occupancy data.

With an accurate view of meeting room, desk occupancy and other facilities usage data it’s possible to start planning how best to restructure your workplace for optimal productivity and cost-efficiency.

  • Which rooms and work spaces are over- or under-utilised?
  • Are late cancellations preventing efficient meeting room usage?
  • Can some of our desk space be turned into collaboration spaces?
  • Can we release some of our real estate?

Authenticated check-in also means you can pinpoint and address serial ‘no-show’ offenders, and ensure resources are released if nobody shows up within a specified time, so no space goes to waste.

Protect your workforce

Streamline your Covid-19 safety measures

Protect your workforce as they return to work with smart workplace scheduling

By combining policies that reflect your Covid-19 measures along with accurate utilisation tracking you can help protect your workforce with services that include:

  • Socially distanced workspaces
  • Contactless operation
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Contact tracing
  • Self-certification
  • Workforce surveys

Reporting & Optimisation

Optimise workspace utilisation

Streamline Covid-19 Measures

Understand exactly how your workspace is being used

Pinpoint savings for your business

Powerful workplace analytics & data visualisation helps you make better decisions to optimise your workplace & demonstrate ROI. 

Use our inbuilt reports or Microsoft SQL reporting services to create bespoke reports for your reporting needs and export data to PDF or Excel for presentations or further analysis.

You can also visualise your data by displaying it on floor plans, using heat-maps to reveal which rooms and desks are most popular.

  • How are your rooms, desks & other resources being used?
  • Which services are being ordered & when?
  • Spot under-utilised spaces that are wasting valuable real estate
  • Take action when supply isn’t meeting demand, to boost collaboration & productivity
  • Which rooms, desks & pieces of equipment are over or under utilised?
  • Who are the most prolific bookers and ‘no show’ offenders?

Streamline Covid-19 Measures

Maintain contact tracing records

Keep track of staff and visitors, including who was in the same area or part of the building as a given individual (e.g. following a report of a COVID-19 infection) in the same time-frame.

  • If one of your colleagues falls ill, run reports on whom they may have come into contact with
  • Identify risk levels and the reasons why – e.g. perhaps they sat in close proximity to someone who has fallen ill, attended the same meeting, or worked in the same office vicinity.

Streamline your meeting room & desk scheduling

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