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QR Codes :


Using QR signs for workspace booking

  • Ideal for contactless check-ins & on-the-spot bookings
  • Add QR codes to desks, meeting rooms & other resources
  • Simply scan with your workspace booking app.

Workspace booking systems our customers rely on

The benefits of using QR codes to book workspaces

Flexible, low cost & contactless

  • Our workspace booking systems can use QR codes to uniquely identify each workspace
  • Simply print QR codes onto cards or disks
  • Apply to rooms, desks or workspace areas
  • Scan to view availability, make bookings & check into pre-booked rooms & desks

Powerful facilities management – low fuss implementation

Adding QR signage to your workspaces is low cost and extremely flexible.

Behind the scenes, our workspace management solution lets you implement advanced security, policy-based booking & utilisation tracking.

Examples of steel engraved desk signs


Resources on workspace booking signage

What our customers have to say about us

What our customers have to say

“Being able to pre-book a desk close to colleagues is a game-changer for our team’s productivity, especially as we are about to be working in an unfamiliar temporary space whilst we refurb our Poole office.”

Chris Egan, Infrastructure Project Manager, Merlin Entertainments ltd

What our customers have to say

“It’s now quicker and easier for hosts to register visitors in advance and provide all the relevant information, such as whether the visitor needs escorting. Managing visitor arrivals has also been streamlined with services that include self-service check-in kiosks and automated notifications to hosts.”

Jane Jennings, Business System Analyst, Supply Chain and FM, NATS
Essential Reception Area Image

What our customers have to say

“Working with Essential we have been able to make Microsoft Outlook the single portal via which we can book everything required for visitors to NATS’ offices. At the same time as scheduling a visit in Outlook calendar we can request meeting rooms, seating layouts, AV equipment, catering, Wifi codes, security arrangements, and so on.”

Jane Jennings, Business System Analyst, Supply Chain and FM, NATS
Don't let your room naming convention cause confusion

What our customers have to say

“Our vision is to create flexible and productive office spaces using cutting-edge technologies to ease workspace booking, show footfall throughout the office and even help individuals find a space that suits their ideal temperature.”

Jane Jennings, Business System Analyst, Supply Chain and FM, NATS