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Performance Management

Performance Management Delivered in Microsoft Teams

This isn’t just another piece of software; it’s a game-changer that complements our learning management software, and will redefine how you manage performance in your organisation.

In today’s remote and hybrid working setup, managers are finding it harder than ever to provide the support their workforce needs:

  • Does everyone know what their goals are?
  • Is my team happy working from home?
  • Are we providing enough training?
  • Do they feel appreciated and listened to?
  • How can we retain and develop our high-flyers?

Perform365 and Engage365 are here to empower both your line managers and your employees to get the visibility and support they need to flourish and succeed, and this is why we think you’ll like it:

It Integrates Seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

Nobody wants to waste time learning new technology.  By using a performance management tool that’s integrated with Microsoft Teams, you’re already halfway to winning the battle of workforce engagement.

For many organisations Teams has become what Microsoft’s Satya Nadella referred to as a new ‘organising layer, pulling together all the tools a worker needs into a single place: chat, video call, share live documents, as well as business applications.

By delivering performance management as a Teams app, your employees won’t have to switch to another platform to respond to any performance management questions or indeed arrange a catch up meeting.. 

And, just like delivering learning content from within Microsoft Teams, you can seamlessly incorporate performance management into their daily working environment.

IT departments will also breathe a sigh of relief because Perform365 and Engage365 sit within the Microsoft 365 stack, leveraging your existing security settings and ensuring that your sensitive HR data remains protected.

It Makes Performance Management Quick & Relevant

To be frank, performance management activities can be a drag for employees and management alike.  For example, those long surveys are a pain to complete, and sometimes they come round long after the horse has bolted (and perhaps so has your employee).

The Engage365 enables employees to regularly reflect on their progress, provide valuable feedback to managers, and align their goals in bite-sized, manageable intervals.

And, coming back to our previous point, responding is no hassle, and it doesn’t disrupt productivity to maintain regular engagement since it’s right within Teams.

This immediacy and relevance allow management and HR to stay in tune with individual and team dynamics, enabling them to take prompt remedial actions when needed.

Keeps ‘All Eyes on the Prize’

Engagement often wanes when employees can’t see how their work contributes to business success.  

Working from home can also lead to a sense of drifting or working independently without clear guidance or alignment with the team’s goals.­­

With Perform365, your employees can update their Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) during their check-ins, gaining visibility into their progress and see what impact they’re making across the board.

This alignment keeps both employees and managers focused on what truly matters.

Helps Retain Top Talent and Identify Where Help is Needed

It’s a fact: employees that are valued, listened to, and developed are more likely to stay. 

Perform365’s talent mapping tools let you pull in employee feedback, goal progression data, training history, certifications, and check-ins to help managers and HR plan out career and development paths.

It also allows managers to share their team’s updates with the wider business, ensuring that executives recognise and appreciate rising stars.

Moreover, it lets organisations identify where individuals need help or are falling short of their goals and develop a strategy for getting them on track.

Streamline Performance Conversations

Perform365 appraisal tools automate a lot of the heavy lifting involved in preparing for appraisals.

Employees can auto-populate their performance review ‘paperwork’ from their check-in history and OKR updates, eliminating 90% of meeting preparation time.   

Similarly, managers can effortlessly gather information on personal challenges, successes, goals, feedback, and colleague recognition over a specified timeline with just a click.

Feeding this evidence into customised agenda templates ensures that both Teams and in-person appraisal meetings are as productive as possible.

AI-Powered Insights for Real Understanding

To truly understand how your people feel and perform, relying solely on engagement surveys and reviews is no longer sufficient.

Employee engagement surveys can capture fleeting emotions that don’t necessarily reflect long-term sentiments, while lengthy and infrequent surveys can be a hassle for employees to complete and a challenge for HR teams to process.

In addition to capturing regular snapshots that employees find easy to respond to, Perform365 and Engage365 offer AI-powered dashboards that provide real-time insights into your workforce, allowing line managers and HR to make data-driven decisions and better care for employees.


Undoubtedly, the most effective performance management solution is only valuable when put into action. By embracing a performance management tool that’s baked into Microsoft Teams, you’re already halfway to winning the battle of workforce engagement.

Plus, we think you’ll find Perform365 and Engage365 offer an impressive array of performance management features tailored for both employees and management alike.

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