Learning management systems for the modern enterprise

Accelerate productivity, compliance & onboarding with learning management on auto-pilot -directly from Office 365, SharePoint & Teams.

Train distributed workforces using a single, unified LMS platform your business already knows how to use.

Fast to Deploy

Create courses on-the-fly and make them available immediately.

Highly Accessible

Access and complete learning classes anytime, anywhere.

Easy to Track & Manage

Follow training progress instantly and administrate changes on the fly to meet organisation needs.

Office 365 Learning Management System in a 2 minutes video

Learning and management done directly in Office 365, SharePoint & Teams

Enterprises face an ongoing challenge in keeping staff up-to-speed with the latest technologies, industry regulations and company values and propositions.  An increasingly mobile workforce and staff churn doesn't make things easier.

When it comes to keeping everyone up-to-speed, we think this is the ultimate platform for delivering virtually any content, in a easy-to-rollout, manageable and compelling format.

Using your familiar Office 365 platform you can ensure employees and partners have access to the latest structured training on virtually any subject:

  • GDPR guidelines
  • Cyber security advice
  • ISO 27001 training
  • Health & safety information
  • Corporate style guides
  • Office 365 training
  • Company product training
  • Sales training
  • Customised, online examinations

...the list is endless.


Deliver a truly digital learning experience for your enterprise

See how you can enable your team to learn directly from Microsoft Teams

Easy to use and administrate

Fully integrated with Office 365, SharePoint & Teams, this LMS is one of the easiest to use for both administrators and learners. Its intuitive features make it easy to respond to any training need without programming, system integration, unwanted complexity, or technology overkill.

  • Course owners can easily create, score & track their training
  • Combine documents, videos, PowerPoints, SCORM content & more
  • Target courses to any user group, role or ad-hoc list
  • Create quizzes to check understanding
  • Supports users inside & outside your company
  • Works with Office 365 cloud single sign-on
  • Automatically update/remind users of new courses & progress using Outlook
  • Give users, groups & course owners a progress dashboard & leaderboard
LMS mobile apps.cp

Mobile Learning

Accommodate the needs of your enterprise in the Modern Digital Workforce. Accessing learning activities has never been more convenient through the intuitive learning app.

  • Mobile apps for Andriod and iOS
  • Offline Player for SCORM content

Reporting & Tracking

Reporting of individual learners, groups, and courses' performance and adoption couldn’t be easier. Visualise your data quickly through:

  • On-screen tracking of live data
  • Canned Excel reports
  • Advanced analytics, using ready-made Power BI dashboards
  • Connect your data to any BI tool, using Odata.
LMS PowerBI reporting.cp
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Training plans and Compliance

Plan company training and policies learning with completion certifications in an easy and trackable way.

  • Assign to Teams and Office 365 Groups
  • Training plans with prerequisites
  • Trackable confirmations
  • Due dates and expiration settings
  • Support for automated publishing of SOP’s (standard operating procedures) in the LMS
  • Certification management and retraining
  • Tracking of CEU’s (continuing education units)

Promote healthy competition

Leaderboards promote completion of courses and encourage users to get their certifications through social fun and competition!


Deliver a truly digital learning experience for your enterprise